Menschdefekt – Recombination (Album – Infacted Recordings)

Genre/Influences: Future-Pop, Dark-Electro, EBM.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: German-Swedish trio Menschdefekt released their fourth full length album by the end of 2022. “Recombination” features twelve songs and four remixes.

Content: Menschdefekt has always mixed different genres together creating a heavy, danceable, melting-pot. It’s not that different on “Recombination” where every single piece appears to be a true discovery. The work features the familiar EP-title song “Secular Days” featuring Jay Tazylor (J:Dead). Remixes were made by Teknovore, MissSuicide, Mechanical Moth and TBA.

+ + + : I like the mix between all these different -although related music genres. It sometimes creates a cool contrast which you’ll also find back in the vocals -switching from rough- to sweet parts. A few songs also feature guitar which only accentuates the diversity. The last song “Giana Sisters” is my favorite one for its ultra-diversity which however sounds balanced.

– – – : I wasn’t totally convinced by this new album which is mainly missing a true substance; I like the diversity but songs are missing an exploding effect leading to climax. The remixes can’t convince me either.

Conclusion: Menschdefekt stands for the meeting between Dark-Electro and Electro-Pop but their new work is not as good as I would like.

Best songs: “Giana Sisters, “The Calling”, “Secular Days Feat. Jay Taylor”.

Rate: 6.

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