Ulvtharm –  Wrēkō (Album – Cyclic Law)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This is the debut album of
Jouni Heikki Ollila under the Ulvthram moniker. The name of this Swedish artist must surely ring a bell. He has been involved with EBM formation Pouppée Fabrikk and Industrial/Ambient project MZ.412. “Wrēkō” has been written over a period of several years. It all started when Jouni lived in Malaysia and was achieved when he returned to Sweden.

Content: This work brings us back to the early days and origins of 80s Industrial/Ambient music. The overwhelming production is featuring vintage string parts, epic arrangements reminding me of the early years of In Slaughter Natives, crashing percussions and passages with grave vocals.

+ + + : This is a great piece of music revealing a retro Industrial/Ambient style reminding me legendary artists from the 80s Industrial movement. The tracks have been composed with an impressive sound canvas. The tracks are progressively built up until reaching a true sound orgasm which you might experience at “All The Lambs” and “Death Of The Locusts”. The ghost-like vocals are perfectly matching with the style and also accentuating the perturbing sensation when listening to this opus.

– – – : The album features 5 cuts but the final one sounds unfortunately as an anticlimax to the rest of the work.

Conclusion: “Wrēkō” sounds darker than the night and more frightening than terror which makes it sound as the perfect Dark-Ambient release.

Best songs: “All The Lambs”, “Death Of The Locusts”, “God Of Sleep”, “We Will All Abandon You”.

Rate: 9.

Artist: www.facebook.com/ulvtharm412

Label: www.cycliclaw.com / www.facebook.com/cycliclaw

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