Dead Melodies – Murken Hollow (Album – Cryo Chamber)

Genre/Influences: Cinematic, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Tom Moore has released an impressive number of productions since 2016. Early last year, he released “Memento” followed at the end of the year by “Murken Hollow”. The work is a conceptual one about several, strange, murders that happened in a city over one month.

Content: The concept is fully appropriated for the music of the British artist. He built up a dark, obscure and inferno-like atmosphere with electronics, guitar playing, percussion parts and also invited a guest musician to play saxophone parts and another one to bring ghost-like vocals.

+ + + : The use of guitar, bass guitar and especially the saxophone inject an authentic sensation to the work. The dark atmospheric side has something to prosper and yet you can feel danger as an invisible presence right behind you. “Murken Hollow” sounds like a sonic thriller which is clear because of its strong visual appeal. The album sounds like a true Soundtrack and is according to me, one of the best production of Dead Melodies.

– – – : Because of the theme I sometimes wanted this album even darker and more disturbing instead of relaxing.

Conclusion: Dead Melodies invites us to explore unexplained, imaginary, murders; a morbid atmosphere that has been created by the strength of music.

Best songs: “Empty Reflection”, “One Way Ticket”, “Chasing Shadows – Part 1”, “When The Night Calls”.

Rate: 8.



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