Kontrast – Programm: Deluxe Edition 2022 (Album – Danse Macabre Records)

Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Wave-Pop.

Format: Digital, 2CD.

Background/Info: This album is a re-edition which comes to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Kontrast’s debut album “Programm” which was originally released by UpScene. The original songs of the album have been featured on the first disc while the second disc is a bonus one.The German formation would release four more albums.

Content: “Programm” is an eclectic piece of music which is clearly inspired by good-old Electro/Wave-Pop but still experimenting with other elements like EBM, Industrial sound treatments and a more atmospheric side as well.

The bonus disc brings alternative edits; some have been released formerly and others later on. But you’ll also discover extra songs like remixes -two have been made by Massiv In Mensch.

+ + + : This is an opportunity to (re)discover a great production featuring cool songs which even 20 years later are still dancefloor killers. But Kontrast also stands for a deeply artistic side which is coming through sound arrangements and delicate melody lines. Some lyrical parts are still hilarious but also a bit prophetic when listening to “Einheitsschritt” which became a hit. The second disc is quite interesting as well revealing darker versions like the “Freiheit”-edit together with Nebelgeist which sounds like pure :Wumpscut:. The original edit of “Freiheit” remains a beautiful song as well.

– – – : Kontrast got some recognition in Germany but remained a rather unknown name outside. That’s truly a pity when you’ll hear this great piece of music.

Conclusion: “Programm” hasn’t lost its original magic and remains a great and diversified piece of Electro/Wave-Pop.

Best songs: “Einheitsschritt”, “Freiheit”, “It’s More Fun To Kontrast”, “Todeskünstler” + “Freiheit – Duett”, “Einheitsschritt – Original Isecs Version”.

Rate: 8.

Artist: www.facebook.com/kontrasteinheitsschritt   

Label: https://dansemacabre.dewww.facebook.com/dansemacabrerec

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