Then Came The Rain – Ravage (Album – Icy Cold Records)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This is a French solo-project driven by Nicolas Albin. Four years after the debut album “Eigengrau” (2018) the French artist released its second full length album. 

Content: “Ravage” sounds as a travelling machine getting us back somewhere in the 80s. The sound is dark and sometimes becoming obscure. The tracks are rather slow, reminding me a bit of the soft side from The Danse Society. The vocals are sung in English but there’s also a dark poetic track with French vocals.

+ + + : This is a dark and wafting composition which sounds like reflecting solitude and desolation. You feel like awakening from a bad trip which is perfectly symbolized by the poignant sound atmosphere of the work. I prefer the somewhat harder cuts like “Everything’s Gone Black” and “Shining Darker”.

– – – : I’m missing a few harder passages through this album. There definitely is more potential hiding inside this project.

Conclusion: A dark and emotional testimony of how modern Dark-Wave can sound.

Best songs: “Everything’s Gone Black”, “Shining Darker”, “Shock Doctrine”, “Hipparque”. 

Rate: 7½.



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