LPF12 – Contours Of Stillness (Album – LPF12)

Genre/Influences: Cinematic, Experimental, IDM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: This new album by LPF12 comes to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Sascha Lemon’s sonic brainchild. He once started in the 90s dealing a harsh Electro-Industrial sound and evolved throughout the years towards IDM while the past few years he’s been more exploring Cinematic fields.This is a double album featuring seven tracks.

Content: Sascha Lemon explores a bit further the Cinematic path elaborating his tracks with extra sounds. The atmosphere is prosperous and evasive but progressively becoming darker and haunting. The tracks are sophisticated. The tracks are extended and sometimes moving from one style into the other; from cinematic to IDM. The last track goes over the 40 minutes this way becoming a soundtrack on its own.

+ + + : It’s fascinating to see how this artist has evolved over the years. While I still have a preference for his IDM works I’ve to admit he now excels in the Cinematic genre. Some parts of the album will surely appeal to fans of Cryo Chamber. The final tracks of the album reveal the impressive skills of the artist. I here salute the subtle and refined sound treatments while the piano parts only accentuate the Cinematic genre.

– – – : I don’t have anything against extended tracks but some passages are definitely too long.

Conclusion: Thirty years of commitment and you clearly can hear this artist still has a lot to reveal but one thing is for sure now; LPF12 is ready to produce a real Soundtrack.

Best songs: “The Warning Pt.2”, “The Warning Pt.1”, “The Warning Pt.3”.

Rate: 7½.

Artist: www.lpf12.de / www.facebook.com/LPF12SL

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