Rome – Hegemonikon (Album – Trisol)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Folk, Chanson.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: The new album by Jérôme Reuter aka Rome was preceded by noticeable singles “No Second Troy” and “Solar Caesar”.

Content: After a somewhat Industrial sounding opening/intro cut “No Second Troy” is a solid track to move on. It features the most essential elements of Rome’s sound characterized by the artist’s deep, timbre of voice and great, carrying, guitar playing. Some of the songs have an extra, melodic and I even dare to affirm Pop-touch on top evoking Echo & The Bunnymen and even Depeche Mode. But you’ll also notice darker cuts accomplished with dark reverie and melancholia. The work also features a few intermezzos.

+ + + : I honestly had to listen several times to the new Rome album. Tracks like “No Second Troy”, “Hearts Mend”, “Solar Caesar” and “New Flags” are easy to bite but a few other cuts need more attention. You really have to take your time before catching the splendor of “Icarus Rex” and “Surely Ash” both being Dark-Ballads with a carrying chorus on the second track. Globally speaking I like the evolution of the new Rome towards a more accessible and ‘Pop’-work while holding on to the typical and essential Rome sound made of dreamy melancholia. 

– – – : The very few breaks and/or intermezzos aren’t adding a bonus to this work.

Conclusion: Prolific but never totally repeating himself, Jérôme Reuter and his Rome sonic alter-ego are once more confirming the meaning of true talent and genius.

Best songs: “Solar Caesar”, “Hearts Mend”, “No Second Troy”, “New Flags”, “Surely Ash”, “Icarus Rex”.

Rate: 9.

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