Berlin duo Rummelsnuff & Asbach release ‘Hinterwäldler’

Berlin duo Rummelsnuff & Asbach release 'Hinterwäldler'

Out now is the digital / vinyl EP “Hinterwäldler” by the Berlin based duo Rummelsnuff & Asbach. The EP holds Five new songs plus an intro from the Käpt’n and Maat.

“Hinterwäldler” is an homage to the people in sparsely populated areas, with a slightly self-deprecating look at their origins according to the band. Guest star on trumpet is Christian Magnusson.

The cover of the EP was realized by Benny Schubert.

Rummelsnuff (born July 14, 1966 in Grossenhain as Roger Baptist) is a German musician and lyricist who brings electropunk. He is joined here by Christian Abach (born 1976 in Westerwald) who is a German director and singer. He is best known for guest appearances as Maat Asbach in Rummelsnuff.

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