Lights Of Euphoria – Suicidal (Mini-Album – Infacted Recordings)

Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Future-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Danish-German formation Lights Of Euphoria are back on track. They already this year released a new production every month -mainly singles, and now unleashed a first mini-album in a series of two. “Suicidal” features six songs.

Content: Without repeating themselves Lights Of Euphoria however moves on mixing elements of Electro-Pop and EBM. It in the end all sounds pretty Future-Pop like. The work is mixing soft pieces together with more danceable cuts, the opening cut “The Sound Of Thunder” being the true attention grabber.

+ + + : Lights Of Euphoria delivered a fully accomplished piece of work. I especially like the ‘danceable’ cuts. The progression of the opening song “The Sound Of Thunder” is grandiose. It takes off with piano and progressively moves into groovy, Future-Pop parts. “Access Denied” coming next is another cool cut made by fine tunes. I also like the production of the vocals.

– – – : The softer cuts like “Man And Machine” and “Deeper” aren’t exactly the best part of the work. I would have preferred to get more danceable songs and/or remixes instead.

Conclusion: “Suicidal” is alternating great passages and poorly inspired tracks, but in the end this band remains warrant for cool and modern Future-Pop.

Best songs: “The Sound Of Thunder”, “Access Denied”.

Rate: 7.

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