German Deutsche Härte act Hemesath releases ‘So Schön’ single

German Deutsche Härte act Hemesath releases 'So Schön' single

After “Heile Segen”, which was released for the tour with Maerzfeld in May of this year, the second single from this Beckum based act, “So Schön”, will be released on September 16th. It’s also the title song of the upcoming album which is set for a release date on October 7th and comes with a video.

The band explains the song as follows: “Lyrically ‘So Schön’ is about a world full of conflicts that we all like to wrap in beautiful words. As the ‘pinnacle of creation’, mankind has become accustomed to exploiting the planet and its neighbor. We ignore what is happening around us to not have to deal with a possibly painful demise and the collapse of society.”

Hemesath was founded in 2012 by Christopher Zumbült, André Rasfeld, Wolfgang “Wolle” Broschk, Peter “Pedda” Bernhard, Mick Lück and Frank “Schoppa” Schoppengerd. In early 2013, the band recorded their first EP “Rot so rot”. It was produced by Victor Smolski. After the first concerts in Germany in 2014, a record deal with Echozone followed, and the first album “Für Euch” was released in 2015. During this time, Mick Lück left the band. In the subsequent tour, including as support for Ost+Front, the first concerts in Austria followed.

Here’s the video for the single.

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