Vexillary – Crash And Yearn (Album – Con:trace)

Genre/Influences: Techno, Future-Pop, Minimal-Electro.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: American producer Reza Seirafi last year released the successful debut album “Full Frontal Lunacy”. He’s now back on track unleashing a new opus of nine songs inspired by dark themes.

Content: “Crash And Yearn” takes off with Minimal-Electro infused with Techno music. Techno sounds as the common thread between all the compositions but filled with different influences. Sometimes moving on the edge of Future-Pop, but often achieved with icy cold treatments this new opus remains in the line of its predecessor and yet it’s also different and innovative.

+ + + : This album sounds as the perfect alternative to ‘classical’ Techno music has been achieved with Pop influences and accentuated by hot female vocals which can be also pretty ghost-like. The work sounds refreshing.

– – – : It’s not that easy to label this album, Vexillary definitely appearing to be the sum of multiple music styles and influences.

Conclusion: Diversity is the key to the sound of Vexillary, which creates a connection between different music genres and -lovers. I however preferred the previous album.

Best songs: “Le Diable”, “Haute Cadaver”, “Come As Your Madness”, “Bullet”.  

Rate: 8.



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