KNK – Dead Body Music 4 (Album – KNK)

Genre/Influences: EBM, Industrial.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Belgian formation KNK has been busy for a couple of years and has released a few productions.

Content: The band claims to compose ‘dead body music’ and that’s a rather appropriate title for the music they compose. It sounds dark and even tormented; now and then reminding me of the bass lines of Pouppée Fabrikk and next experimenting with Industrial sound treatments reminding me of Dive. I noticed 90s EBM influences but also haunted atmospheres.One of the songs features female vocals by Hilde Ivens (sister of Dirk Ivens).

+ + + : The main strength of this formation is that they’re striving for an own sound. It’s EBM, but with an explicit dark -and ‘dead’, approach. The opening cut perfectly stands for the KNK sound.

– – – : Some songs could have been more elaborated while the sound production is suffering from a lack of professionalism.

Conclusion: I’m not totally convinced, but KNK has something different -maybe unique, from other EBM bands, which incites me to keep an eye on this band.

Best songs: “Bleak Sunset”, “Lifeless”, “Minimal”.

Rate: 7.


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