Motor!k – 3 (Album – Out Of Line)

Genre/Influences: Krautrock.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: This is the third (mini)-album by Belgian Motor!k trio. Joeri Dobbeleir, Dirk Ivens (Dive) and Dries D’Hollander bring us six new songs which have been announced as different from their previous works.

Content: I can’t say the work is totally different, but it sounds more Electronic than previous productions. The electronic treatments are even predominant on some tracks while the guitar playing is more prominent at the end creating a sonic climax and cataclysm. You’ll also notice more relaxing passages while the last cut has something Cinematic-like and is driven by a superb melody line. The production remains instrumental.

+ + + : Both debut cuts are powerful, but I especially like the way both cuts have been progressively built up to end in a sonic orgasm. This work also sounds more Electro driven, which creates a better balance with the Psychedelic guitar playing. I also have to mention the last song for its beautiful melody line and Cinematic sensation.

– – – : The softer side of the work (cf. “Hourglass”, and “Unisono”) unfortunately isn’t the most convincing one. It’s too long without a true apotheosis.

Conclusion: Motor!k remains one of the most unique bands from the Out Of Line roster. They don’t only bring something different, but also something sexy.

Best songs: “Socrates”, “Stunden”, “Reflections”.

Rate: 7½.


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