System Noire – Zeitgeist (Album – Danse Macabre)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro, EBM.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Four years after the official debut album “Do Not Pass That door” German duo Björn Miethe (vocals) and Daniel Gosewisch (machines) are back on track unleashing the second full length of System Noire.

Content: The main sources of inspiration remain pretty similar to the debut album, but the global writing- and production process both have been improved. The songs are carried by danceable vibes and melodic sequences reminding me of Mordacious. The songs have been sung in English and German. There also is one cut featuring female vocals.

+ + + : The music sounds pretty cliché, but there’s an audience for it. This is danceable Dark-Electro spiced with EBM elements. I like the production of the vocals which create a zombie-like effect. It makes the band easily recognizable and that’s for sure a very positive evolution. System Noire will appeal to lovers of Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket and Suicide Commando.

– – – : This band brings nothing new so the work becomes quickly predictable.

Conclusion: System Noire has seriously improved the production and has even accomplished a few potential dancefloor killers.

Best songs: “Tarantallegra”, “Katharsis”.

Rate: 7½.


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