Spatial Relation – Toughtcrime (Album – Minimalkombinat)

Genre/Influences: Electro-Wave, Minimal-Electro.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Jacob- and Lissette Schoenly previously released a few productions on Peripheral Minimal. But their debut EP “Toughtcrime” got released by Infravox Records (2014). This re-issue features the five original songs plus two extra tracks. 

Content: “Toughtcrime” stands for pure Minimal-Electro/Wave. It sounds retro-like in its global sound approach and vocals production. Lissette Schoenly sings without true emotions accentuating the cold Electro sound.

+ + + : This work is an absolute must have for lovers of Minimal-Electro/Wave. The analogue-like sound treatments have this icy, magic touch which totally matches with the vocals’ production. One of the extra songs (cf. “Black Device”) is a damned great bonus.

– – – : A cool production without a true hit.

Conclusion: This re-issue is a perfect opportunity to get back to Spatial Relation.

Best songs: “Escape Your Backmen”, “Black Devise”, “Dissociative Females”.

Rate: 7.



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