Crooniek – Trail Of Time (Album – Wool-E-Discs)

Genre/Influences: Folk, Chanson, Fanfare, Neo-Classic, Cinematic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Crooniek is a Belgian project set up in 2005 by accident. We can call it a wind ensemble which did many live performances and is now releasing its official debut album. Notice by the way the ensemble -or some members, already contributed to other productions like Winterstille’s album “Puinhoop”.

Content: Crooniek brings a surprising work which is mainly centered around different wind instruments although completed by guitar and bass ao. It mainly injects a totally weird but fascinating Fanfare-style which has been mixed with multiple influences. Most of the tracks are instrumentals but there are a few noticeable cuts with singers.

+ + + : Crooniek deserves a special mention for its unusual and original approach. Different wind instruments inject a true soul to the work which especially seduces me when joined with vocals. The song “Would You Wake Me In Time?” ,is a brilliant exposure of the album. I especially like the distant Sopor Aeternus-touch running through the song. Other noticeable songs are the Dutch sung “Nieuwe Dromen” and “G&K” -which was originally released for the album “Demonen & Dromen” by Olivier & Crooniek. The instrumental version of “Would You Wake Me In Time?” is another attention grabber creating a more Cinematic & Neo-Classic approach.

– – – : Realizing the best cuts are featuring vocals I regret there are no more tracks with vocals featured.

Conclusion: Crooniek is a single experience in sound deserving respect for its global approach and originality. Live this band must be a true sensation!

Best songs: “Would You Wake Me In Time?”, “Nieuwe Dromen”, “G&K”, “Would You Wake Me In Time? – Instrumental Version”, “Und Sie Tanzten – Instrumental Version”.

Rate: 7½.


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