Statiqbloom – Threat (Album – Sonic Groove)

Genre/Influences: Industrial-Techno.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Fade Kainer moved from Brooklyn, NY (USA) to Berlin (Germany). His newest opus was released by Sonic Groove where Sonic Groove owner Adam Mitchell is based as well.

Content: Statiqbloom is clearly taking distance with previous productions (thinking to the previous albums released by Metropolis) leaving the Dark-Electro and EBM influences to join a Dark-Techno approach. The common elements remain the Industrial input which remains present. So in the end we get a hard Industrial-Techno fusion carried by solid bass lines, a few EBM reminiscences and isolated harsh vocals.

+ + + : Fade Kainer is an artist who avoids repeating himself and that’s definitely a very positive aspect. But this album also confirms the talent of the man who accomplished a great and alluring Industrial-Techno format. The work sounds like a violent offspring between different influences. The vocal parts running through “The Unwinding” are pretty cool although I prefer the instrumental format revealed in masterpieces “Devout Error” and “Capacity Of Brutality”. The bass line of the last-mentioned song sounds phenomenal. “Razor Rubble” is another merciless piece worthy of examination.

– – – : The opening song sounds more like an intro or teaser to the upcoming violence of this work. It also is one of the only cuts which can’t totally convince me..

Conclusion: Statiqbloom has evolved in its influences but remains a terrific project. “Threat” sounds like dark- and violent Industrial-Techno.

Best songs: “Devout Error”, “Capacity Of Brutality”, “Razor Rubble”, “Flesh Sacrifice”, “The Unwinding”.

Rate: 9.


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