Paradox Obscur – Morphogenesis (Album – Metropolis Records)

Genre/Influences: Minimal-Electro, Electro-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette.

Background/Info: Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor strike back with the fifth album of their sonic brainchild Paradox Obscur. They also released the “Singles & Rarities”-album (2021) which was their first work released on Metropolis.

Content: The modus operandi hasn’t changed; Paradox Obscur working only with hardware equipment so there is no software editing and other tricks. The work remains minimal-like, definitely reminding me of 80s Electro-Minimalism accentuated by low bass line resonation, icy sound sculptures and the bewitching vocals of Kriistal Ann. Toxic Razor is singing on a more EBM-driven piece. All songs have been sung in English except “Stellaire” sung in French while you’ll also notice some German passages.

+ + + : Paradox Obscur is a band I’ve always supported. I remain addicted to their raw and ‘no-nonsense’ sound. It remains pure and powerful while the global writing became more elaborated. The work appears to be a true sonic bridge between 80s influences and a more personal touch. I like the cold and aggressive sequences, the deep bass lines, the production of the vocals and the sexy accent of Kriistal Ann (especially when singing in French on vocals written by François Ducarn from Factice Factory and Sine Silex.  

– – – : I realize I’m always complaining about the rather short tracks composed by the projects Toxic Razor is involved with. It’s not that different for “Morphogenesis” while there are only 9 songs featured. That’s also positive as it means the work is good!

Conclusion: Hard to say if Paradox Obscur has achieved their best work to date but it clearly is a great album and for sure their most accomplished one to date.

Best songs: “Evo-Devo”, “Animal Reactor”, “Stellaire”, “Cocoon”, “Krankes Herz”.

Rate: 8½.

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