The Murder Mystery releases first of two new singles

The Murder Mystery - A Girl Named Red

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange / Hello Human Records press release)
Norwegian doomsday pop duo The Murder Mystery will release two singles in the coming weeks, starting off with ‘A Girl Named Red’ on all streaming-services May 27th (listen to it at the end of the article).
Two weeks later, June 10th, a total remake of the old demo track ‘Amphetamine’ will be out. (PS! I’ve heard’em both – excellent tracks!)

The Murder Mystery (band)

The Murder Mystery (Bjørn-Erik Borg and Ole Andreas Hagen) have been an active band since 2005. They have released several demos and EPs in addition to the two albums ‘The Murder Mystery LP’ (2017) and ‘HNFS’ (2018). They have played numerous gigs and festivals around Norway, as well as played support for bands like Agent Side Grinder, Kontravoid, Spleen United etc.

If you recognize the band name it might be because in the fall of 2021 the band was chosen from over 1500 contributions to be included on Side-Line Magazine’s compilation “Post-Punk (Genesis)”, available on Bandcamp and Spotify. They’ve also been included on a compilation released by the Swedish magazine Svartpunkt (#3) and on the soundtrack to the NRK (the National Norwegian Broadcaster) produced TV series ‘Unge Lovende’.

Written and recorded by The Murder Mystery, mixed by Gunnar Kjellsby. Released in co-operation with Swedish/Norwegian indie label Hello Human Records.

Listen to the new track below or buy it on Bandcamp, and come back in about two weeks for more!

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