Two early live tapes released from Psyche

Two early live tapes released from Psyche

Out via Maneki Neko Tapes, a sub-label of VUZ Records, are two limited edition live tapes from Psyche, “Live at Belvedere Hall 1983” and “Live at Bar Centre​-​Ville, Montréal 1986”. Limited to 50 copies each these releases capture two early concerts of the Canadian dark synthpop act.

“Live at Belvedere Hall 1983” is the first recorded concert of the duo, including also some covers and an early version of “The Brain Collapses”. The tape is rounded off with 5 demo tracks. Experience the
early raw synth beginnings!

“Live at Bar Centre​-​Ville, Montréal 1986” showcases their early repertoire in a more worked out shape with tracks like “Thundershowers”, “Prisoner To Desire” and “The Brain Collapses”. The two bonus tracks from 1987 were recorded at L’Heure Bleue in Avigny, France. The cover photo is from this location as there are no pictures from Bar Centre-Ville.

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