Edgey – Silo (EP – Edgey)

Genre/Influences: D’n’B, Industrial.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: American Stephen James Knight better known under the Edgey moniker strikes back with four new cuts.

Content: “Silo” sounds a bit different than previous production although the work remains driven by very energetic D’n’B sound patterns. But the energy or power has been replaced by darker atmospheres which is mainly noticeable at the debut cut. Quite progressively “Silo” becomes heavier and always pushed by heavy sound blasts.

+ + + : The title track opening the EP is a great piece of music and even one of my all time Edgey’s favorites. It sounds more Industrial and supported with a dense, dark, atmosphere. I also enjoy the Industrial-D’n’B approach of the artist and especially his low, vibrating sound blasts.

– – – : Edgey remains a heavy sonic experience which is not suited for a wide audience.

Conclusion: Edgey remains easily recognizable but seems to explore darker paths.

Best songs: “Silo”, “Filth Brick”.

Rate: 7½. 

Artist: www.facebook.com/edgey.net

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