Architrav – Panophobie (Album – Ant-Zen / Halbsicht Records)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “Panophobie” is the fourth album by Architrav and the first one in eight years. Behind this solo-project is hiding Michael Belletz who you shall know from his main project Mnemonic. 

Content: The work has been introduced as the ‘ambient’ project of Belletz and all I can say is that it clearly takes off that way. But quite progressively you’ll notice other influences joining in. The percussion sections are quite noticeable and definitely reminding me of Industrial styles. Drones can be noticed as well. Some tracks at the end of the album have been accomplished with orchestral-like arrangements injecting some extra bombast. It has been mixed with epic chants in a few passages.

+ + + : I don’t exactly expect this kind of music on Ant-Zen, but it clearly enlarges the sonic horizon of the label. But Architrav also accomplished a great piece of music. The mix between Ambient and Industrial has been masterly executed by Michael Belletz who clearly reveals to be a talented artist who feels comfortable dealing with different kinds of music. The tracklist is progressively growing so you’ll get the best part of the work right at the end. I like the heavy, orchestral arrangements running through “Seplophobie” and “Taphofobie”. The Industrial percussion is quite noticeable, but I especially recommend listening to “Kakorrhaphiafobie”. The work also reveals an impressive arsenal of sounds and noises, which we might consider as a trademark of this great musician.

– – – : The debut part of the album isn’t exactly hesitant, but less convincing than the final part.

Conclusion: The sonic universe of “Panophobie” invites the listener to face the irrational dread of unknown evil, which has been skilled into a great Industrial-Ambient opus.

Best songs: “Seplophobie”, “Taphofobie”, “Kakorrhaphiafobie”.

Rate: 8.


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