Jackson Van Horn – A Silent Understanding (Album – Manic Depression Records / Icy Cold Records)

Genre/Influences: Dream-Pop, Wave-Pop, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This is the second full length album by American artist Jackson VanHorn. The work has already been released as a collaboration between French labels Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records. The work is inspired by literary- and cinematic influences with a philosophical touch on top.

Content: The album mainly reflects Dream-Pop influences, which the multi-instrumentalist accomplished with melancholic passages composed by guitar and electronics. The songs have been completed with delicate arrangements and a              melodies. Jackson VanHorn’s deep- and sensual timbre of voice remains one of the main characteristics of the album. The second part of the work sounds more evasive and into Cinematographic music.

+ + + : The debut part of this work is really great and sounds like a delicate sonic caress. The first 3 songs are deeply artistic revealing a perfect balance between melodies and melancholia with the sensual voice on top. The dark interpretation has something enlightening… I also like the delicacy of this work, which is mainly coming through with the subtle arrangements. 

– – – : The second part of the work is definitely more into reverie and Cinematographic music, but not exactly the most convincing side of the album.

Conclusion: Jackson VanHorn republishes his sweet melancholic approach of Dream-Pop, but I prefer this album to its predecessor.

Best songs: “Invisible Hand”, “Common Era”, “Two Evils”, “Lady Of Light”.

Rate: 7½.

Artist: www.facebook.com/JacksonVanHornMusic

Labels: www.manicdepressionrecords.com / www.facebook.com/manicdepressionrecords / www.facebook.com/icycoldrecords

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