Lakeside X arrive with new single ‘Fire in the Sky’ produced by Daniel Myer

Lakeside X arrive with new single 'Fire in the Sky' produced by Daniel Myer

After 11 years we finally get to hear something new from Prague’s synthpop act Lakeside X. Lakeside X is back with a new song, “Fire in the Sky”, produced by Daniel Myer.

The band released their last regular record “City Of Red Lights” back in 2010 and they played their last gig in 2014. But early 2021 the trio consisting of Janne Marvannen, Robert Broj and Igor Dvorsky started work on a new album. Before its release in 2022, the band will release several singles with the first being “Fire in the Sky”. A video was also shot and you can see that below.

“We had long discussions, which song to come up with first after such a long time. This song is slower, it’s not a classical single track. But it has some sort of strange power, which absorbs you with every listening. There is a story, which will reflect on the entire album and I think it’s one of the strongest songs we have ever made. That is why we wanted people to hear it as the first,” says Janne Marvannen.

“My brother spent days with drone in Canadian wilderness and he shot some breathtaking footage. When I saw it, it immediately came to my mind to ask him whether we might use it for the lyric video. The floating shots are almost hypnotic and it all lets you fully experience the song,” says Igor Dvorsky, who was in the past taking care, among other, of the screen projections for Alan Wilder’s Recoil project.

Together with the album/video version of the song, a club mix and a radio version has been prepared by the band. The single is avaliable on all streaming services. Check it out below!

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