And Then You Die – Electric Uterus (Album – Skithund Records)

Genre/Influences: Industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Finish formation And Then You Die this year celebrates their thirtieth anniversary. The band now featuring Michael Wägar, Harri Huhtala and Ove Ritola has accomplished a new work; “Electric Uterus” revealing seven songs.

Content: The album takes off with a kind of intro-track followed by a hard and heavy sonic outburst dominated by furious, Industrial-like guitar playing and an exploding chorus. The hardest part of the work sounds violent and merciless, but also feature a kind of hypnotic sensation on “Shit That Floats” while “On The Rim” makes me think to an Industrial version of Depeche Mode.

+ + + : The heavy, evil side of this work is absolutely terrific. The songs have something menacing and extremely violent, but also reveal carrying choruses. “Fuck Your Sacrifice” is a true sonic apotheosis; a total apocalyptic approach of Industrial music with an aggressive chorus. The fuzzy-industrialized guitar playing creates a haunting and somewhat hypnotic feeling.

– – – : The work is alternating brilliant songs with rather less uninspired cuts, but in the end I prefer focusing on the best side of the work.

Conclusion: “Electric Uterus” is a piece of dynamite; a kind of Industrial terror production for tough people.

Best songs: “Fuck Your Sacrifice”, “Shit That Floats”,  “On The Rim”.

Rate: 7½.

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