Subliminal Code – The Cancer Of The World Is Human Beings (Album – Advoxya Records)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Set up in 2010 by Raúl Junior Padrón and Raúl José Padrón, this Venezulian duo is operating from Hungary. This is also the place of their label Advoxya Records. The album was released early in 2021 and is also available as a double disc featuring remixes by bands like First Aid 4 Souls, Viscera Drip, Nohycit, Tragic Impulse ao. 

Content: Subliminal Code is not what I can call a band, which repeats itself. They already revealed different sources of inspiration, from pure Dark-Electro towards a harder Industrial sound. I think this work rather sounds like the offspring of both styles; a perfect match between typical Dark-Electro sonorities and a harder Industrial side driven by guitar riffs. You’ll discover songs at full speed, but refined with melodies. The vocals accentuate the rage running through this work, which is symbolized by its title.

+ + + : What I like is the kind of harmony subliminal Code found between rage and melody. They really created a crossover between both genres, working on songs like “No More” and “To Night”. I especially recommend the second part of the album featuring the most interesting cuts. 

– – – : I can’t say the debut songs are worse, but without a similar harmony between power and melody. The songs are driven by nervous sequences and rhythms, which are sometimes maybe too fast.

Conclusion: Subliminal Code is definitely not a copyist, but a Dark-Electro band with a different approach and vision.

Best songs: “No More”, “To Night”, “Malevolencia”.

Rate: 7.


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