Matthew Creed – The Chapel Of Lines (Album – Alfa Matrix)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Techno.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Matthew Creed is a new project by Estonian artist Dmitry Darling; the frontman of Freakangel and Suicidal Romance. By this debut album he wants to exorcise his inner demons and composed thirteen tracks.

Content: Freakangel is mixing Dark-Electro with merciless Industrial music and Suicidal Romance is pure Electro-Pop. Matthew Creed is something totally different and clearly driven by explicit Dark-Techno vibes. The songs feature pitched vocals, injecting a ghost-like effect. Some passages are pretty groovy, but here again they are always colored by dark sounds and atmospheres. The album features the singles “Love Is Just Another Stab In The Back” and “Hidden”. The last three cuts are instrumental edits of album songs.

+ + + : It’s interesting to see how Dmitry Darling has transposed himself into something totally different from his other bands. I like the balance between the ghost-like vocals and Dark-Techno. This work is touched by an Industrial force, which makes it sound pretty underground-like. “Love Is Just Another Stab In The Back” remains an absolute masterpiece, but there’s also something notable to say about “Swallow The Pill” and “Walking In Circles”.

– – – : Would Alfa Matrix have released this album if it was just a new project without Dmitry Darling being involved? Not sure, this is without a shadow of a doubt the most Techno driven opus from the  label. It’s a great work, but probably too Techno driven for Industrial heads and too Industrial for Techno freaks.

Conclusion: Dark-Techno music as a cure to chase your darkest inner demons; welcome in the perverted universe of Matthew Creed!

Best songs: “Love Is Just Another Stab In The Back”, “Swallow The Pill”, “Walking In Circles”.

Rate: 7½.


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