Sølve (industrial solo project ∆Aimon member) reissues debut album ‘The Negative’ on Re:Mission Entertainment

Sølve (industrial solo project ∆Aimon member) reissues debut album 'The Negative' on Re:Mission

Out now is “The Negative”, the remastered reissue of the debut album by Sølve, the solo project of Brant Showers of the band ∆Aimon. With roots in industrial, witch house and dark atmospheric sound design, Sølve uses occult themes to form the basis of his output.

Since releasing his first EP, “Svovel | Salt | Kvikksølv” in 2013, Sølve has been executing a string of remixes, shows and festival performances. This year, the project also released the single “Never + Enough” as well as a fully remastered edition of his debut album “The Negative”.

Sølve is currently working on a follow-up album to be released early next year through Re:Mission Entertainment.

Brant: “The first Sølve album, ‘The Negative’, came together through a personal need to explore aspects of myself that I saw as having the potential of becoming destructive and dangerous if I didn’t take the time to analyze, deconstruct, and individuate them within a more complete self. The process of addressing these traits was difficult and deeply uncomfortable, but lead to much broader personal discoveries and insights. Rather than simply representing this process, ‘the negative’ IS the process; my alchemical and spiritual way of confronting my shadow, breaking down and rebuilding from a deeper sense of understanding.”

In the five years since its release, Brant has continued along this path, using the Sølve project as his vehicle for ritualistic exploration and personal growth/acceptance/discovery.

Brant: “These days I’ve often found myself slipping a bit into this darker mind-set again. Thankfully, revisiting this album has been an incredible reminder of the progress I’ve made and just how incredibly blessed I am to have such encouragement and support from so many along this journey. And with this in mind, this newly remastered edition of ‘The Negative’ has taken on new intention – a ritual emboldened with the foresight of outcome, and I welcome you all to experience it from a clear perspective.”

You can get the remastered version on CD, cassette or as download via Bandcamp. Check out the release below.

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