Ukrainian dark folk act Pororoka releases new song and video: ‘Дим’

Ukrainian dark folk act Pororoka Music releases new song and video: 'Дим'

(Photo by Vitalij Shyshkevich) The Ukrainian dark folk act Pororoka just released a new song and video, “Дим”. The band’s a mix of three different types of voices, grunge guitar, tender bandura, piano and djembe next to other ethnic instruments as you will see in the video. The video features Andrij Bojchenko as a special guest on vocal duties.

Here’s the video for “Дим” which is devoted to the large-scale forest fires in Ukraine to remind us all about the importance of forest fund conservation. The video contains a lot of documentary shots, which were gathered with the help of photographer Vitalij Shyshkevich(from the Zhytomyr region), journalists Nadia Toropenko and Ivan Bykhtiyarov(from the Luhansk region) and volunteer fire and rescue squad Karg(from the Kyiv region).

The main hero of this video is the 9-year-old Artem Sytnik from the Ostrovy village near the Ukrainian-Belorussian border. In spite of last year’s tragedy, when a big fire destroyed 20 houses in his village, he continues to live at his native house with his parents, brothers and sister.

Says the band: “Forest fires in Ukraine have become a frequent phenomenon. The main reason is arson attack with different motives. It happens because the agriculture sector looks on fire as a quick method to take off deadwood and prepare soil for sowing. Very often, fire is going out of control. There is also the additional risk for Ukraine, which has to live with the 8th year in a state of war.”

Here’s the video.

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