Datapop – Sterne (Album – Razgrom Music)

Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Five years after their debut-album “Pop”, Swedish duo Mikael Larsson – Anders Wilhelm strikes back with their second work, which is entirely inspired by the magic of space. “Sterne ” was previously released as two separated EP’s. The album brings all the EP songs together while there are two bonus songs on it as well. The digital version features a few more bonus songs (remixes).

Content: “Sterne” holds on to the Kraftwerk influences revealed in the debut opus. Some arrangements, atmospheres, effects, bass lines, tunes and robotic vocals are immediately reminiscent of the legendary formation from Düsseldorf. Datapop has built a conceptual work driven by space, which totally matches with the Kraftwerk-ian Pop style. Both bonus songs are remixes; one by Anymachine and the other by Maschine Brennt.

+ + + : I can’t speak about any kind of originality when listening to Datapop, the influence of Kraftwerk being omnipresent. But you better get a great and intelligent copyist instead of an original formation without substance. That’s why I like Datapop! They in a way have the sonic legacy of Kraftwerk, which they transform into great music. The songs are well-crafted and sophisticated. The songs have been sung in German and English, but mainly produced with a robotic effect, which matches the concept. The songs have been accomplished with great sound treatments. There’re a few potential ‘hits’ featured at this work; “Space Invaders”, “Sterne” and “Schwarzes Loch” being the most noticeable cuts.

– – – : I’m less convinced by a few softer and especially slower cuts, but globally speaking this album will not disappoint you.

Conclusion: Datapop confirms their potential and writing skills revealed at “Pop”. This album sounds like great retro-Electro-Pop with a wink to Kraftwerk.

Best songs: “Space Invaders”, “Sterne”, “Schwarzes Loch”, “Travellers”, “Travellers – Maschine Brennt Remake”.

Rate: 8½.

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