Natura Est – Real Seasons (Album – Cyclic Law)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “Real Seasons” is the third full length album by the British-German duo Tony Young (Autoclav 1.1) – Andreas Davids (Xotox). After a debut album released by Ant-Zen and the next opus released by Mahorka, they now joined hands together with Cyclic Law. 

Content: “Real Seasons” is a pure Dark-Ambient trip. As a visitor you’ll enter a dark, sonic labyrinth made of endless corridors wherein low sound waves will get you to the exit. Humming sound waves create a ghost-like effect. The 6 tracks have been progressively built up, slowly reaching their climax.

+ + + : I especially like the debut part of the album. “From The Cross Quarter Day” and “The Feast Of May Eve” both are meticulously created tracks resulting in a sonic cataclysm. Both cuts also reveal a real strong visual strength, which I often consider as one of the major characteristics to speak about an accomplished Dark-Ambient opus. It remains fascinating to see the growing chemistry between both artists, this album  definitely reaching a higher level than the debut album.

– – – : After a great first part, the three tracks left are entertaining, but without reaching a similar level.

Conclusion: Natura Est is clearly not an occasional project, but definitely a Dark-Ambient formation with a true potential. This duo is getting better and better.

Best songs: “The Feast Of May Eve”, “From The Cross Quarter Day”.

Rate: 8.

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