Unreleased 2005 song by Scum with Mortiis on vocals out now

Unreleased 2005 song by Scum with Mortiis vocals out now

Here’s a Mortiis curiosum… Out now is the previously unreleased Scum song “Speaking In Tongues” with Mortiis on vocals. This release happens in collaboration with Samoth, Faust, Happy Tom, and the others that were part of the Casey Chaos-driven project Scum, back in 2005. The song was for various reasons, never included on the final album version, and remained sort of lost and forgotten, until recently.

You get the unreleased rough mix track from “Gospels for the Sick” from the 2005 session which was recorded at the Crystal Canyon Studios in Oslo. The recording was engineered by the late Marius Bodin Larsen.

Scum is a Norwegian hardcore punk/black metal band formed in 2002. All members are Norwegian except for the American vocalist Casey Chaos. Their album, “Gospels for the Sick”, was recorded in one single session in 2004, and they have only had a few live performances. The band had guest appearances from several artists, one of which was Mortiis who cowrote and performed on the song “Speaking in Tongues”.

Scum’s band members have played in several other bands. Guitarist Samoth played in the black metal bands like Emperor, Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Zyklon, Thou Shalt Suffer, Arcturus and Zyklon-B, and did sessions for Ildjarn and Burzum. Drummer Faust contributed to the music of Emperor, Aborym, Zyklon, Thorns and several less notable bands like Impostor, Blood Tsunami, Death Fuck, Decomposed Cunt and Stigma Diabolicum. Cosmocrator played for Windir, Zyklon, Source of Tide and Mindgrinder. Vocalist Casey Chaos writes and records everything apart from drums for his band, Amen, and also provides vocals for Damned Damned Damned and Grindhaller XXX. Happy-Tom plays bass guitar for Turbonegro.

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