Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo is the anticipated follow up to Hammock’s debut, Kenotic, a record that All Music Guide described as “…in every way a contender for classic status in the Shoegazing genre.” Although cherished in Shoegazer circles, Kenotic’s two months charting in CMJ’s Radio 200 and high profile appearances during NBC’s 2006 Olympic Coverage and on NPR’s All Songs Considered, Hearts of Space, Echoes and Musical Starstreams revealed that Hammock was also causing a stir among tastemakers and fans of Ambient, Post-Rock, Drone and Electronic. The duo’s eighteen newest tracks will do little to change that cross-genre appeal. Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo is characterized by the duo’s hallmark: thick curtains of cascading electric guitars that merge into pure expressions of hope, stillness, joy and loss. Accompanied by strings, piano, ethereal vocals and an occasional undercurrent of percussion, these beautiful, layered guitar washes range from whisper-soft minimalism to moments of driving, slow-burn intensity. Simply put, Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson make music that is filled with human passion and emotion. Welcome to this winter’s new soundtrack. “…a perfect combination of the swirling, amorphous beauty of ambient music and the passionate pulse of electronica.” –Brian Baker, Amplifier Magazine “…music in the spirit of Japanese art­simple by form, but it’s full of complexity in its tone and its timbres” –Bob Boilen, NPR, All Songs Considered. Released on Darla and available December 15th, 2006.

Track list:
1. I Can Almost See You,
2. Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo,
3. Losing You to You,
4. When the Sky Pours Down Like a Fountain,
5. The House Where We Grew Up,
6. God Send Us A Signal,
7. Clouds Cover the Stars,
8. Floating Away In Every Direction,
9. Take a Drink From My Hands,
10. Startle the Heavens (Lament),
11. More Dead Than Alive (Get Away from the Medicine),
12. Disappear Like the Morning…
13. …Like Starlight Into Day,
14. Shipwrecked (Flat On Your Back),
15. Chorus of Trees,
16. Passing Away,
17. Will You Ever Love Yourself?,
18. Sparkle and Fade.