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a project by Dj Nox and Luca Anselmi (


The IBM project is born from the common interest and dedication of Alberto Brandi (Dj Nox, one of south Italy¢s prime-mover EBM/Industrial DJs) and Luca Anselmi (founder and administrator of one of Italy¢s major EBM-Industrial-Electro forum – webzine ) for the musical macrocosm related to the dark and alternative electronic music.
We both have always liked to relate to this scene we love in an active way. Alberto as a Dj and event-organizer, Luca as restless manager of a very alive forum. So, being conscious of how many valid bands exist in Italy, we thought to actively promote these guys through a free compilation.
And here it is “Italian Body Music”: the state of art of today¢s Italian electronic scene.
The “IBM” project wants especially to work as a way to actively promote the Italian scene, very articulate and various in its manifestations, ranging from 80¢s related synth-pop to the new ways of 2000 Electronic Body Music, but also every kind of industrial and electronic experimental music.
“Italian Body Music” can be interpreted as a manifesto of the EBM-Electro-Industrial made in Italy, somehow a confutation of the Italian xenophile complex, presenting some of the most promising and interesting acts from our Peninsula.
This is not meant only for the hardcore-fans of the genre, but (mostly!) to the newcomers, in Italy and abroad.


IBM vol.2 represents a further step in the shaping of this promotional project, helping to give form to the body-music related electronica of this starting millennium. The echoes of contaminations with metal characteristic of the first volume are now faded: in this edition there is a strong ambient vibe, thanks to great acts as the master of industrial Maurizio Bianchi, side by side with the pulse of the latest and youngest dancefloor sensations of Italian dark, emotional and powerful electro music.
The compilation presents tracks from already internationally-accomplished bands and projects as the quoted Maurizio Bianchi, Babylonia, Bad Sector, Wertham, ecc… as well as young and promising acts that truly deserve to be listened, appreciated and supported through purchasing their records, merchandising and making the hell break loose at their concerts.

“Italian Body Music Vol.2” will contain unreleased and exclusive tracks, this is the final tracklisting:
01. Apotheke – Night Reveries
02. Babylonia – That Big Lie (Radiophobic Edit)
03. Bacteria – Earthquake
04. Bad Sector – Decode
05. Ballistic – Superstition (Twisted Reality Mix)
06. Maurizio Bianchi – The Great Tribulation
07. Digitalis Purpurea – Idiomatic (Tribute to The Rockets)
08. Kingdom – Nostalgiestrasse 40 (Empty Rooms mix)
09. Morphine Shot – Holy War
10. Officina del Rumore – Hey Shakespeare Let’s Party
11. The Fault – Automatic Death
12. Tour de Force – Wedding in Fusion
13. ViolentDiva – eL3kTRo sU1ciDe
14. Wertham – Sinking
15. ZeroAD – No Reason

The compilation will be available for free download (160 Kbs mp3s + printable artwork) from Friday 23th December at

Please note that the website is already complete and will provide any kind of useful information on this project and on the bands which took part on IBM Vol.2.

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