In Slaughter Natives – Resurrection

One of the very first outbursts on Cold Meat Industry were In Slaughter Natives, and still to this day they are one of the most renowned and well-respected acts on the label and the industrial scene today.

Since the birth of J. Havukainen’s brainchild back in 1988, the ac*****ulated brilliance and overall excitement of every In Slaughter Natives release have far surpassed what any other band, man or woman can possibly accomplish over the extent of a lifetime; and this time is no different.

We are awestruck by the bombastic mayhem and the classical agony of hell’s philharmonic orchestra coming to visit, and we bow our heads in reverence to the frantic growls of the king himself grinning from his place in your living room sofa. This is pure brilliance; a masterpiece which proves that all these lonely years of everlasting anticipation have been worth the wait; In Slaughter Natives are back and still an untamed force to be reckoned with.

This is the soundtrack to the rising apocalypse, the mad laughter of the heretic burned at the stake; this is the return of a king!

Additional info:
Release date: November 18th, 2004
53 minutes + video

Track Listing:

01.Behind my Walls
02.You are the Dead
03.Ashes of Angels
04.Tearing my Life away
05.As my Shield
06.Your Breed
07.The Vulture
08.Anger are you with me, follow my Steps
09.Blood Testural
10.And you still are the dead
11.Clean Cathedral – Video edit

Cold Meat Industry