Lacrimosa return on January 27 with the new album

The album features eight “gothic-meets-classic music” songs.
The last two albums have been hard and guitar-driven, but “Echos” is harmonic with lots of strings.
The first single “Durch Nacht & Flut” is available since November 11.
Lacrimosa is released on mastermind Tilo Wolff’s own company Hall of Sermon.
He has now dropped all other bands signed to the label to focus on the future of Lacrimosa. “Now, after surges of night and flood have been smothed, we want to tell you about our new album…
or at least that much that it will be called “Echos” (Echoes)
and that it’s gonna be released on January, 27th 2003!”

01. Kyrie (12:42) – Overture
02. Durch Nacht und Flut (6:03) – Suche Part 1
03. Sacrifice (9:28) – Hingabe Part 1
04. Apart (4:16) – Bittruf Part 1
05. Ein Hauch von Menschlichkeit (5:05) – Suche Part 2
06. Eine Nacht in Ewigkeit (5:52) – Hingabe Part 2
07. Malina (4:48) – Bittruf Part 2
08. Die Schreie sind verstummt (12:42) – Requiem für drei Gamben und Klavier

“With big interest we’ve been following you opinions about our single
and the pros and cons about LACRIMOSA in general, that you’ve published in the HOS-guestbook.
Accordingly we are very eager to read your impressions that our new album will set free in you!
Especially after this depate the contents of our new compositions will lead to several suprises!
We’ll be curious…!

Love from …
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi”

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