Year: 2017

Post-punk act Factice Factory to launch their 3rd album in January – only 250 copies available

“Lines & Parallels” is a new vinyl edition of the 3rd album by Factice Factory, a French / Swiss post-punk band consisting of the trio Rajna Fabrice (yes, from the excellent heavenly voices act Rajna), Théotime Lefebvre (Thermafrost) and Chroma Carbon. The record sees a re-release on vinyl after being originally released in September. The vinyl comes in an extremely limited edition of 250 copies only which can be ordered right here. Here’s the official video for the Factice Factory track “Extinguisher”.

Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) and Danielle de Picciotto (Space Cowboys) return with Hackedepicciotto project for ‘Menetekel ‘ 2LP

Out by early 2018 is the newest Hackedepicciotto album “Menetekel”. Hackedepicciotto is the duo Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) and Danielle de Picciotto (Space Cowboys). De Picciotto was the lead singer of Space Cowboys, co-initiator of the Love Parade and a collaborator of the Ocean Club with Gudrun Gut (Malaria)… and is since 2006 also the wife of Hacke in case you didn’t know. “Menetekel” reveals to be darker than the previous album “Perseverantia”. The album is available as a regular CD but also as a limited edition double-LP in gatefold sleeve (available right here), including a very long bonus-track, signed photo and download code for all tracks. Here’s an impression of what the duo creates, the track “Jericho”, recorded live at Whispers & Hurricanes in March 2017.

Sick Man enters DAC – check out the full album

Sick Man, the project by Sacha Korn with Aggressive 69 and (ex) Subway To Sally members, has hit the DAC-charts with the track “Sick Man” single which is out now. The track is sitting at place 16. The track is also featured on the album “Sick Men”, out now as well. The album, which you can listen to below, also features 2 excellent remixes by Dark Acylum of the track “Feuer”, which was actually already featured in a ‘Deutsche Härte’ version on the Sacha Korn album “Feuer”. Recommended club dark electro!

Twilight of the Mortals: A Photographic Portrayal of Killing Joke by Mont Sherar

Killing Joke is practically an institution – for nearly four decades, the prominent post-punk group has been a singular trailblazing entity whose influence has been cited and felt through virtually every genre of music since. Comprised of vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Jaz Coleman, guitarist Kevin “Geordie” Walker, bassist Martin “Youth” Glover, and drummer “Big Paul” Ferguson, Killing Joke’s […]

RIP Stefan Joel Weisser (aka Z’EV)

According to various reports, 66-year old industrial music pioneer and percussionist Stefan Joel Weisser (aka Z’EV) died yesterday. Last year Weisser survived a derailed Amtrak train accident in Dodge City. It took him months of revalidation but it seems that he was slowly recuperating. It’s yet unclear what caused his death. In a reaction to the news Boyd Rice posted this: “Just received word that long time friend Z’EV just died. Cause uncertain at this time, but he had spitting up blood recently. He spent last winter in our guest bedroom pursuant to the train derailment he was airlifted from, because his doctor told him he met get not survive a winter in Chicago. And the man we met at Denver international airport was a shadow of the person I’ve known for over four decades. His spirit was still tough as nails but physically he seemed devastated and had difficulty ascending the stairs to his room. Three and a half months later much of his strength seemed restored; he had survived the winter and the outlook seemed good. We had recently heard from him that he was doing some shows in Mexico and was going to spend this winter in […]

Two new releases from Front 242’s Daniel B.

Having released the first full-length album under his solo moniker in 2016, Front 242 founding member Daniel Bressanutti – a.k.a. Daniel B. PROTHÈSE – has announced the project’s new album, titled CHZWaaR+ZMe+aaL. The album represent’s the artist’s effort to “sound less like the ‘schlager gothic’ it has sometimes become,” and pursuing a more rhythmic and […]

IAMX to release new album featuring Kat Von D

Chris Corner has announced that the latest album from electro/rock project IAMX, Alive In New Light (AINL) will be released February 2, 2018. The record is a chronicle of metamorphasis celebrating the artist’s emergence from the depression which inspired his two previous releases, performed, recorded, and mixed in a trailer in the California desert “far […]

2 limited releases from Front 242 co-founder Daniel B. under Daniel B. Prothèse moniker – pre-orders available now

In 2016, Alfa Matrix released the first full-length album by Front 242 founding member Daniel B.’s solo-project: Daniel B. Prothèse. The “Überlastung” vinyl box and its CD companion “AIIHB0A0” were both sold-out prior to release date. Alfa Matrix has now launched the pre-orders for 2 brand new releases by Front 242 co-founder Daniel B. and this under the Daniel B. Prothèse moniker. The 2 titles come in various formats with all physical releases being limited. First is Daniel B. Prothèse’s “CHZWaaR+ZMe+aaL” album which comes in 4 formats: LP (clear vinyl +CD) (Limited to 300 copies), a 2CD set (holding bonus tracks and limited to 500 copies), a normal CD format (Limited to 200 copies) and as a download via Bandcamp. “CHZWaaR+ZMe+aaL” reveals a less experimental and much more rhythmic side of the project with powerful minimal industrial sequences sometimes even coming closer to the rough basslines of EBM. The 2nd release is “99.9”, a project from Daniel B. Prothèse with Edwin Vanvinckenroye (Troissoeur). That CD is limited to 500 copies, while the Bandcamp version holds a bonus track which will not be released on any other download platform. The music on this release sits somewhere inbetween contemporary neo-classical world, ambient […]

Artoffact reissues several albums from various cEvin Key projects

The elusive recordings of The Flu – the first collaborative project of Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key and the late Alan Nelson, later to be known as Hilt – have been rediscovered and are soon to be released as a limited edition double vinyl reissue via Artoffact Records. Originally available only as self-distributed cassettes in 1987, […]

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