Year: 2011

Haujobb – New World March

Eight years after their last release, legendary electronic project HAUJOBB’s new album “New World March” is finally about to see the light of day! Of course expectations are incredibly high – not least because of the previously released single “Dead Market”, which made it into the top three of the German Alternative Charts, as well […]

Diary Of Dreams – Ego:X

The wait for the all-new album from DIARY OF DREAMS is finally over! The German gothic/darkwave group began in the late 80s as the side-project of singer/songwriter Adrian Hates, who at the time was a member of the similarly-minded band GARDEN OF DELIGHT. Hates collaborated with guitarist Alistair Kane on DIARY OF DREAMS’ first album, […]

Angelspit – Hello My Name Is…

“Glamour is made of a substance called ‘incredibly hard f*cking work’”- ANGELSPIT. For ANGELSPIT, nothing can be truer. Since 2004, they have been one of electronic music’s most prolific acts, thrilling audiences the world over with their concoction of industrial-strength guitar riffs, clever hooks and pathologically disturbed synths. “Hello My Name Is…” shows the band […]

Asp – Fremd

ASP’s new album is a uniquely intensified blend of all the essential elements which have made ASP what they are today: the foremost German gothic rock project. Asp Spreng, singer, composer, lyricist, and the heart and mind behind the project, takes the listener by the hand in the manner of a mysterious stranger and leads […]


UNITED EVENT AT SECOND SKIN CLUB, JUNE 25! Saturday 25 June @ 00:00, Entrance: €5 (incl. 1 beer or wine) UNITED XV 10 local industrial/electro/goth/ebm djs in 1 night… ΑΡΧΙΣΕ ΣΑΝ ΙΔΕΑ ΤΟΝ ΣΕΠΤΕΜΒΡΙΟ ΤΟΥ 2004 ΚΑΙ ΚΛΕΙΝΕΙ ΦΕΤΟΣ 7 ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΔΡΑΣΗΣ!!!! ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΟΥΣ ΑΠΟ 3.300 ΕΠΙΣΚΕΠΤΕΣ. ΠΑΝΩ ΑΠΟ 40 ΔΙΑΦΟΡΕΤΙΚΟΥΣ DJ‘S. FETISH PERFORMERS… FETISH DANCERS… […]

Covenant – Modern Ruin

“Modern Ruin” is the latest chapter in COVENANT’s epic adventure in time and space. A band that has consistently made references to being in motion, physical and mental travel, exploration of the hidden and the unknown. And again they have wondrous tales to tell us. Imagine a broken escalator coming up through the underbrush of […]

Ikon – Torn Apart

IKON release the fourth single from their critically acclaimed latest album. Shaking off the limitations of contemporary dark alternative formulas, “Torn Apart” embraces melody and melancholy to produce an emotional and original ballad. The limited edition digipak includes a bonus six-track remix disc, featuring a mix by leading dance music guru DARREN GLEN, which reinterprets […]

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