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Displacer – Moon_Phase


From Toronto, Canada, signed to the French electronic label M-tronic, home to such artists such as Mlada Fronta and Dither, Displacer delivers intelligent, dark melodies, full of rich soundscapes and enchanting electronics. The softer tracks remind me of Boards of Canada but let’s leave it at that, because there is so much else here. Some […]

Foetus – Love


Mr Thirlwell is back with a new, quite painful release. Most industrial purists disagree with his enthronement in their cold, heavy pantheon but most of these guys never heard of  Monte Cazazza. Glad I got that out of my system.Back to the record. Considering  myself an industrial purist and a great fan of his work […]

Dither – Summit


Dither begins with the dying breath of Tubetech, a fading sub-harmonic pitch which coalesces into a sharp, arresting ping. The crisp, metallic slice of time — of Dither's history — is held, momentarily suspended, and then the programmed rhythms and tonal melodies begin. Welcome to the new iteration of Dither; welcome to Summit.   Summit is […]

G-Nox – Ventre


Built as a single sonic event, Gerome Nox's "Ventre" unfolds like a weatherman's nightmare. It's like getting caught in an isolation tank with a box full of howling air. Cut off from any sensory input from the external world, all you can hear is the wind; all that invades your head are the sounds which […]

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