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SIVA SIX – Rise New Flesh


A couple of days ago, I came across the long awaited debut of Z (vox) and Noid (keyboards), which surprised me pleasantly… The longing was worth it obviously!! I don’t want to make a comparison with previous projects of them, this one is futuristic, original, brand new. Dark electronic sounds, mixed harmonically with industrial atmospheres, […]

The Cruxshadows – Telemetry of a Fallen Angel


Musicfolio picks: Marilyn My Bitterness, Monsters, Clerestory.  The Cruxshadows manage to take the gothic sensibility to heartfelt introspection. There is a lot of pride and humility carefully woven into the body of songs which makes the entire outfit so endearing that you can't help but cheer their success.  Rogue takes his lyrics to such impassioned […]

Mlada Fronta – Fe2 O3


Mlada Fronta, a project from France that released the last album on Flatline Recordings is back with a stunning double-CD in some very nice packaging. The CD-box has store for two different CDs and a thick booklet (20 pages) containing some nice industrial art. The music of Mlada Fronta has grown up since the last […]

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