Lacrimosa – Testimonium

“In 2016, the world has lost too many great artists – creators of unique moments for eternity! With their art I grew up, their greatness, their megalomania, their uniqueness, their entire work has shaped my childhood and youth and was…


Category: Industrial / Rock
Blurb: Offering up some of the Ultra Heavy Beat’s most vibrant and varied songs yet, KMFDM is still running, even after 33 years, at full speed ahead with a nuanced album sure to have audiences shouting its name with each listen!

Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko has led KMFDM through more than […]

W.O.R.M. – The Unconquerable

Category: Industrial / Rock / Post-Punk
Album: The Unconquerable
Blurb: With a cleaner recording and mastering job, W.O.R.M.’s second album offers up a set of socially and politically charged anthems for troubling times, rallying audiences to a righteous path.

Drawing on the tradition of post-punk and early industrial/rock, Chicago’s World Organization of the Righteous Movement – a.k.a. W.O.R.M. […]

The Mission – Another Fall from Grace

The Mission
Category: Goth / Post-Punk / Rock
Album: Another Fall from Grace
Blurb: For the band’s 30th anniversary, these longtime goth/rockers return to the sound that The Mission is known for and puts forth one of their best albums to date.

Normally, when a band has been around for long time and is still putting out albums, those […]

Reissue of two 1980 cult releases by Basement 5 imminent – both produced by Martin Hannett (Joy Division)

Here’s something for those Factory Records fans who want to collect everything related to the label and its personnel. “1965-1980” and the mini-album “In Dub”, 2 classic releases by the punk-dub rhythm act Basement 5, finally see a reissue. The “1965-1980” album takes its title from the year frontman Dennis Morris (legendary photographer of Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols) arrived from Jamaica to its recording in 1980. Having secured the services of Factory Records renowned in-house producer, Martin Hannett (Joy Division) things looked good. However, the original drummer walked out on the first day of recording and was immediately replaced by the Blockheads Charlie Charles who went to finish the sessions. In the spirit of the day things didn’t last, underlying tension saw the band implode whilst touring through Europe. The final incarnation of the band lasted a mere eighteen months. The “1965-1980” sessions also yielded dub versions of several of the main tracks and were later on released as “In Dub”. The re-issue comes on vinyl and can be ordered right here. Basement 5 formed in London in 1978. Their first vocalist was Winston Fergus, then Don Letts. One of their early performances was a support for Public […]

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