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Ah Cama-Sotz"No Boundaries, no Prejudices, no Colours, hee Unhknown World of the Dead, hee Aeternal Life, Full of Lust and Pain. "

During his 14 years of existence, Ah Cama-Sotz, has been distinguished as one of the darkest acts of the scene. His music, a mixture of industrial and ambient electronica, can be described as spiritual, dark, cold yet deeply emotional and danceable. The man behind ACS, Belgian electronic musician/producer Herman Klapholz (also known from his numerous side projects like Wai Pi Wai, Powder Pussy, Okk-ULTh, Death And Internal Thirst...) performed live for the Greek audience @ Underworld Club on the 1st of June 2007. He took the time and kindly answered a few questions for

 Why do you write and play music? What is your driving goal?

HK: I loved music ever since I was a kid. So after being a DJ, I wanted to experiment with sounds, compositions & arrangements.
I already have 14 years of releases, and I am still still evolving :-) Electronic music has many "branches" (subcategories). Which one do you think your music belongs to?

HK: That's a difficult question, as in my music you encounter lots of ingredients, colours and elements from different genres! Someone could say that I started many years ago as an "industrial" artist. After 14 years of evolution it has become quite difficult to tag my music! Let's speak about an electronic project. OK, let's talk about Ah Cama-Sotz. First of all, what does the name mean?

HK: In short: it's comes from the Quiché language and is based on the Mayan mythology. The literal meaning: a demon-bat that cuts off people's head! (note: The K'iche' language -Quiché in Spanish- is a part of the Mayan language family. It is spoken by many K'iche' people in the central highlands of Guatemala. More info here) The early works of ACS involved a more minimalistic sounds. Today they sound more ritualistic, mystic and danceable at the same time. Tells us more
about this evolution.

HK: Such an evolution is quite logical, to my eyes - and into my ears ;-). Well each CD has it's own differences and similarities, I don't want to deliver every time the same stuff. It could be that the next time (the CD) will be much more ambient-coloured!


Ah Cama-Sotz Would you say you are a religious person?

HK: Religious, probably not, spiritual is a better word :-) And yes, I'm interested in such a topics as religion... Tell us your thoughts about the term "IDM" (Intelligent Dance Music).

HK: Well, quite difficult to place an opinion about it, but in a few words: "BRAIN music" what is it ? What is your opinion on multimedia (videos, animations, etc.)? Are they important in your music/shows?

HK: Quite important! Today, with all the audio/video technical facilities, a musical artist can represent himself as an artistic entity, (well, what's in a word!)  with back-up of video, animation..... Well back to my show, I try to carry the audience towards a filmic path. Images and audio are material giving a certain feel.  On this basis, the listener can be evoked into an imaginary movie. Is music your main occupation?

HK: At this moment, I'm focusing on music composition, music mastering, graphics, web design..... If music wasn't your main occupation, what would you like to do instead?

HK: Well, I couldn't imagine myself doing a job out of this context, but ofcourse reality is a plausible reason for having a commercial living. If I really was forced to chose another occupation: producing video clips ;-)  How do you write a song? Do you keep notes so you can return afterwards to make changes? Do you improvise?

HK: I think improvisation  and experimentation is a must. I don't know anything about the "written laws" regarding notes, etc ...
but I don't really mind. It's the personal feeling that counts in my music. Do you use samples for you music or do you write everything from scratch?

HK: I like to use samples!  And yet, it always depends on the situation. Ideas are in the air, all you have to do is catch them on time. How long does it take to complete an album?

HK: Well, let's say a year, up to a year and a half (or two) is a good deadline. You have to pre-listen, listen again while adjusting tracks, deleting tracks... there are so many tasks involved. I must say I have improved quite a lot since I started :-)

Ah The material you present at your gigs, is it prerecorded? Do you change the tracks at all?

HK: Most of the stuff is pre-recorded. When people accompany me to play then I can decide what to leave off from the tape 
(press the eject and give me the tape ;-).

The more musicians, the more instruments, the more rock 'n' roll alternative ;-)
As said, working on a laptop, on tape, etc. gives the possibility to an artist to travel alone with half of (or maybe complete?) his studio. What music do you prefer to listen to?

HK: Lots and lots. Ancient to classical. Noise to electronic. Pop/rock to black metal. Whatever sounds good to my ears. Well, it's a matter of personal taste! What equipment do you use for your music? (Software/Hardware)

HK: Apple computer is my main music platform with Logic and Pro tools, waves, plug-in collections etc.  If you had to choose one instrument to play music with what would that be and why?

HK: Oh, the guitar and bass. I like that sound. It can be aggressive, raw, but also smooth and sexy :-)  What was the latest book you read?

HK: I'm finishing "RUBICON, the end of the Roman  Republic".  Do you use the internet for personal or business purpose (promoting your music etc.) ?

HK: I use both ! and for promotion, and for business and pleasure, like most of us all.... How do you feel about the fact that many people use the internet to download your music without paying for it?

HK:  Well, a discussion without an end. I don't approve it, but it's good for promotion... So we will have to find a way in between, so that the artist gets paid for his artistic experience, while occasionally giving the audience stuff for free!  If you had to form the line-up for a music festival which bands/artists would you choose and why?

The original HYBRYDS (the true ritual sound)
The Prodigy (they are aggressive)
Lisa Gerrard (beautiful natural voice)
Mimetic (king of complex arrangements and beats)
Massive Attack (hypnotic trip hop dub)
Mozart (he's a genius)
Leftfield (I like their bass)
Lustmord (because he's a dark genius)
and so many more :-) .....

Ah Cama-Sotz Could you name one (or more) favourite Ah Cama-Sotz track(s)?

HK: ganzir, lix tetrax, elysium, 1348, your darkest soul, sabbat II, U-Boot theme ... Tell us what did you think of the Greek audience at your gig in Undeworld Club?

HK: Quite enthusiastic. Hot. Very friendly. Overall: nice input and feedback. Well, see you all next year :-) Herman, we would like to thank you very much for the concert and for this interview. What would you like to say to all your fans from Greece?

HK: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It has been a tremendous environment, feel  & vibe. Groovy!




Special thanx to Spectraliquid team for organising the event and all their help.

Great thanx to Yiannis Yiannakopoulos for his help.


Pictures from the Ah Cama-Sotz live @ Underworld can be found here: 


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Main Discography:

CAMANECROSZCOPE II : Echoes ov a beckoning arcanum (spectre)
10 YEARS BAT VIBEZ (hands)
CAMANECROSZCOPE : Echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth (spectre)
RITES OF THE FLESH (bats & cats)
MANTRA (hands)
U-BOOT (spectre)
POISON (old europe café)
LA PESTE (bats & cats)
Watch hungrr-ah (videomix) 

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