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ColdWaves VI, Pt. 1: Main Event, Night 1

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Friday, 09/29/2017

Five years after the departure of Jamie Duffy, the sixth entry in the Chicago ColdWaves event perhaps bore some of the deepest scars in the fight against depression and suicide. As ReGen associate John Galope had stated in the Digressions podcast, “dark music for people with dark thoughts,” more […]

Front 242 and Covenant to perform at Dracula’s Ball 20 Year Anniversary Gala

Legendary gothic/industrial dance party Dracula’s Ball celebrates its 20 year anniversary on April 14, 2018 with a special Anniversary Gala. Pioneering EBM act Front 242 and genre mainstays Covenant will headline the event, with Dracula’s Ball favorite DJ Cypher and a second DJ to be announced keeping the dance floors moving.
A limited number of Front […]

3rd season ‘Stranger Things’ in the making – a preview

The 80s aficionados have already been binging the 2nd season of the “Stranger Things”, and if you haven’t, try it, it will bring some great memories, at least if you were born in the seventies that is. But you won’t be limited to just 2 seasons as it’s been announced that a 3rd season is already in the making. Netflix hasn’t officially announced the new season yet, but it has been confirmed by The Duffer Brothers in various interviews and in all likelihood there will be a season 4 as well. And if producer Shawn Levy gets what he wants, there will be a fifth one too. By then, the original band of adorable preteens will be ready for college and working with kid actors does require that you work fast to deliver new seasons as they all age rapidly. So if a new season is needed, it needs to be shot very fast even if there are time jumps. You can expect “Stranger Things Season 3” to hit Netflix by the end of 2018 or in the beginning of 2019. What can you expect in Season 3 ? In an interview with Vulture, Ross Duffer said that “They’re going […]

Watch the new Funker Vogt video for ‘Wahre Helden’

Out now is a brand new video from Funker Vogt for the track “Wahre Helden” which is taken from the upcoming EP “Musik ist Krieg” to be released on November 3 (and already available on CD right here). You can enjoy the video below. The EP itself comes five months after the release of the album “Code of Conduct“ and delivers a total of 10 tracks. In addition to seven new remixes of current album-tracks, Chris L., Gerrit Thomas and René Dornbusch present 3 new songs: “Schattenwelt”, “Bloodbrother” and “Strike Force”. Funker Vogt-remixes of the tracks “Wahre Helden (Video Version)”, “Gladiator (Until Death Mix)” and “Für immer (Orchester Version)” are enriched with remixes by bands like Agonoize (“Für immer”), NOVAkILL (“Tanzbefehl”), Cephalgy (“Gladiator”) and Kunstwerk (“Tanzbefehl”).

16volt InterView: Defiant to the End

Returning to its machine/rock roots for the Dead On Arrivals EP, 16volt injects some fresh and virulent oil into its sound, full of anger and defiance as only this band can deliver.

An InterView with Eric Powell and Steve Hickey of 16volt

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
Never a band to fall victim to predictability or staleness, 16volt continues […]

Electropop act ImJudas launches debut EP ‘Tulpa’

After a series of compilation appearances and a cover of Front 242’s “Don’t Crash” on the “Recovery >For You<” tribute sampler, ImJudas, the solo-project by Helalyn Flowers’ maXX launches the debut-EP “Tulpa” which is available now from Bandcamp and in the next days from other download stores.   ImJudas brings dark electro-pop which is deeply rooted in the early 80’s New Wave movement and aesthetic and on the 5-track strong EP you’ll see People Theatre, INertia and AD:keY do a remake of the title track. Next to that there’s also the B-side “Without Us You Are Nothing”. The self-titled debut album “Imjudas” will be coming out in 2018. For now enjoy the tracks below, or download them immediately from Bandcamp. Tulpa EP by IMJUDAS

Artoffact Records signs Vancouver-based post-punk band Actors

Artoffact Records has signed the promising Vancouver-based post-punk group Actors which formed in 2012. The debut full-length album, “It Will Come To You”, will be released early 2018 with pre-orders starting in a couple of weeks. For now you can familiarize yourself with the band by watching the video (directed by Michi Hayashi) for “How Deep Is The Hole – Reanimated” right below. The song was originally recorded in 2014 as a b-side to the single “Like U Want 2” then later it was remastered and re-released on the “Reanimated” EP earlier this year. The line-up of Actors consists of Jason Corbett, Shannon Hemmett, Jahmeel Russell and Adam Fink.

Aengeldust (side-project Acylum member) hits back with… 13 new tracks on ‘Zucht’ EP !

The German female fronted harsh electro act Aengeldust is back. Out now – exclusively via Bandcamp for the moment – is the 13-track EP “Zucht” which offers the first new tracks after the well received “Agent Orange” album. On the EP Nadine “Cooraz” Engel (also known for her work with Acylum and Totem Obscura) offers 3 new exclusive tracks: “Zucht”, “Fxxking Day” and “Kampftrauma”. Next to that “Fahnenträger” gets the remix/featuring treatment from Kill The Sleeper, Parasite Of God and Antibiosis. And that’s not all: besides 3 more remixes of the clubhit “Suicide Bomber”, the band also signed 2 bonus remixes of “Agent Orange” while Belgian Kilmarth offers a noir atmospheric ending to this EP. Last but not least, you get a of “Genose Tod” by Siva Six. You can listen to the entire EP below and download it now from Bandcamp. Zucht EP by AENGELDUST

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