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Floodland – Decay (Napalm Records)


To tell you the truth I have not heard anything about this band in the past, although I found their new CD called "Decay" very interesting. It contains 10 tracks and someone can understands from the first hearring that the band plays pure gothic rock with soft electronic touches. The CD is divided into two […]

Stin Scatzor – Industrogression (Black Flames Records)


Lets get harder. Well I suppose all the industrial freaks out there would probably know Stin Scatzor. They have already released two albums and now they strike back with their new masterpiece. Well the title is descriptive enough for anyone who still has not understood the musical forms of the band. Industrial at its best […]

Volcano The Bear – Yak Folks Y’Are EP


This is the very first VTB's official album after several demo tapes. What we have to do with here? Of course, nothing but pure experimental gothic music, with a strong dada-istic feeling. Aaron Moore, Daniel Padden, Nick Mott and Laurence Coleman made six tracks, dark and colourful in their own way each one. After "Yak […]

KMFDM – WWIII (Mayan Records / Sanctuary)


I do not know what is happening with this band. Their music was always a big confusion. They mostly remind me the soundtrack of paranoid cartoon movies. I can not compare them with anything. They seem to be totally into their own world and they destroy everything just to create music with the left behind […]

SIVA SIX – Rise New Flesh


A couple of days ago, I came across the long awaited debut of Z (vox) and Noid (keyboards), which surprised me pleasantly… The longing was worth it obviously!! I don’t want to make a comparison with previous projects of them, this one is futuristic, original, brand new. Dark electronic sounds, mixed harmonically with industrial atmospheres, […]

Abney Park – From Dreams or Angels


Abney Park: Abney Park describes their sound as electronic. True indeed! This is a blend of smooth pop, thumping beats, and crunchy guitar–all with a dark, melancholic twist. But don't get the wrong idea here–it's really refreshing to hear electronic that's original and void of over used samples or monotonous and predictable beats.   This […]

Ch.district vs Duuster – Chemical Elements 1.0


Any time you see an M-Tronic release you can confidently pick it up 'cause you know it's gonna be kick-ass damn good electro-industrial music. "Chemical Elements 1.0" by Polish CH District (aka Miroslaw Matyasik) and Dutch Duuster (aka Ton Driessens, also responsible for the sounds of Element 11) keeps up the tradition and defies gravity […]

NEXUS – The beat Syndicate

Tracklist: 1. The saviour’s own slump 2. Addicted to ya 3. Drop the luv bomb 4. The Beat Syndicate 5. All clue lead to 6. High heels on wheels 7. World out of this 8. Burn brightly like stars 9. You always get a second chance 10. Tv-whoring 11. Smart Weapons and sentimental rockets […]

The Cruxshadows – Telemetry of a Fallen Angel


Musicfolio picks: Marilyn My Bitterness, Monsters, Clerestory.  The Cruxshadows manage to take the gothic sensibility to heartfelt introspection. There is a lot of pride and humility carefully woven into the body of songs which makes the entire outfit so endearing that you can't help but cheer their success.  Rogue takes his lyrics to such impassioned […]

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