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Legendary radio sessions finally made available from Psyche, Severed Heads and The Jazz Butcher

Here’s a release series available via Artoffact Records which will please many: the Brave New Wave radio sessions! But first some background. Brave New Waves was a Canadian radio program which aired on CBC Stereo, later known as CBC Radio 2, from 1984 to 2007. Airing overnight five nights a week, the show profiled alternative and indie music and culture. The show was created after Augusta La Paix submitted a demo tape for a show on avant garde culture, featuring music by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Klaus Nomi and Nina Hagen. In 1988, the program also began recording live in-studio sessions (next to studio live-to-air) curated by producer Kevin Komoda. And that’s exactly where it gets really interesting as the show featured a lot of homegrown and foreign electronic. Available now for pre-order (next to many other sessions – a complete list can be found here) are the sessions recorded by Psyche, Severed Heads and The Jazz Butcher, all on vinyl and CD. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect. Severed Heads – “Brave New Waves Session” (Purple vinyl) Available for ordering right here. Recorded in CBC’s studio live-to-air in 1986 while on tour with Skinny Puppy, Severed Heads’ “Brave […]

Grendel – Age of the Disposable Body

Five long years have passed since VLRK aka Grendel released his previous album “Timewave Zero”.
Now Grendel returns with “The Age of the Disposable” – an album that turned out to be just another masterpiece! Ten new songs!
“Age of the Disposable Body” again features massive clubhits like “Dead Inside”, “Fall like Rome”, “Scorn”, “Severed Nations”, as well as melancholic, almost “pop” songs – “Far away”, “Flux”.
The new opus is being released as 2CD including a 14 (!) tracks bonus-album with remixes by Solar Fake, Assemblage 23, Plastic Noise Experience, Shiv-R, Lucovico Technique.

Maschinenfest 2017 compiled and available in a few weeks from now

Out in a few weeks is “Maschinenfest 2017”, a compilation including all artists who have performed at Maschinenfest 2017. You can order this set right here. This year’s event will take place from Friday 27 October 2017 until Sunday 29 October 2017 at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany On the compilation you’ll find material from the following bands: Ah Cama-Sotz, Alarmen, Aphexia, Dive, Empusae, Esplendor Geometrico, Gatto Nero, Geneviéve Pasquier, Gold, Goreshit, Greyhound, Haus Am Rand, Horskh, Imminent/Synapscape, In Slaughter Natives, Lustmord, Meta Meat, Mono No Aware, Monolith, Nur Zwei Linien, S.K.E.T., Siamgda, Somatic Responses, Suicide Inside, Sutcliffe Jügend, Yura Yura and more. Maschinenfest is a yearly, 3-day underground music festival in Germany, featuring industrial, power electronics, noise and other alternative electronic performers.

Snuttock gives 2005 gem ‘Why’ the video treatment – check it out!

Out now is a brand new video from the electro pop act Snuttock: “Why”. The video was shot by Ernie Mosteller of Fried Okra Entertainment, and edited by Mia Regalado (who after singing on the band’s albums, starring in, shooting, and editing a number of their videos, has basically become the 3rd member of the band). You’ll also recognise actress / model Alisa Baksheeva in the video. You can view the video below! “Why” is featured on Snuttock’s first album “Straight Jacket Life” which was released in 2005 already. Here’s what Bryan Lee says about it: “It’s all a bit unorthodox as the song is actually off of our first album, 2005’s ‘Straight Jacked Life’. I developed the concept years ago, but knew it would be an expensive project. Figured I’d let it ferment a few years to see if it kept my interest. Well, it did and we filmed it in the summer of 2016 in an old theater in downtown Baltimore.” Snuttock’s most recent studio album is the August 2016 released “Rituals Redux” album which you can check out below. Rituals Redux by Snuttock

Vomito Negro to launch ‘Black Plague’ album, a year later than originally planned

Things don’t always go as expected, and that’s exactly what happened to Gin Devo and Sven Kadanza when they announced a new album to be released by the end of 2016. Nothing happened. Released one year later than expected, it’s almost there, the new Vomito Negro album “Black Plague”. The limited first edition comes in a digipak and can be ordered right here. For now enjoy the video for “Black Plague”.

Lars Von Trier denies sexually harassement accusations from Björk – Björk posts new message with details

The Danish director Lars Von Trier has denied that he sexually harassed Icelandic musician Björk during the making of “Dancer in the Dark” (2000) for which Björk won a best actress prize. Von Trier told Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in its online edition that it was not the case, “but that we were definitely not friends, that’s a fact.” “Dancer in the Dark” producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen from his side told Jyllands Posten that he and Von Trier were the victims: “That woman was stronger than both Lars von Trier and me and our company put together. She dictated everything and was about to close a movie of 100m kroner. As far as I remember we were the victims.” Björk posted a Facebook update on October 15 in which she claims that she was sexually harassed by ‘a film director’. The 51-year-old former lead singer of the Sugarcubes, did not name Von Trier, but Trier’s award-winning 2000 musical drama remains the only film with Björk. The post was followed up yesterday including some details of what she claims had happened and adding it was an experience ‘with a danish director’. Truth or lie, we might never know what really happened as […]

Inviolate unveils new music video featuring 2.0 lineup

Inviolate has released the music video for “Broken Cycle”, the second single from the Atlanta based industrial/rock and metal band’s album The Insomniac’s Dream. Inviolate says, “Musically, we wanted the song to build from soft and haunted at the beginning to a feeling of resolution and agency by the end. You’re taking a stand and […]

Godflesh returns with a brand new album: ‘Post Self’ – available now on vinyl and CD

Out by mid-November is the newest Godflesh album “Post Self”. “Post Self” has been over 2 years in the making and explores the less ‘metal’ side of Godflesh. So expect material influenced by late 70’s early 80’s post punk and industrial. The 10-track release is available on vinyl (you can order it here) and on CD (you can order it right here). Godflesh are an English industrial metal band from Birmingham which was formed in 1988 by Justin Broadrick (guitar, vocals and programming) and G. C. Green (bass). Signing to Earache Records in the late 1980s, the band released their debut, “Streetcleaner” (1989) to critical acclaim. After releasing 1992’s “Pure” and 1994’s major label debut “Selfless”, they started experimenting with live drums, as well as hip hop and breakbeat influences. The resulting releases, “Songs of Love and Hate” (1996) and “Us and Them” (1999), were followed by “Hymns” (2001). Broadrick ended Godflesh in 2002 shortly after Green’s departure and pursued various other projects, including Jesu. Broadrick and Green reformed Godflesh in 2010, releasing “A World Lit Only by Fire” (2014).

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