‘Click Interview’ with Neuroticfish: ‘If You Only Recognize Neuroticfish For What You Can Dance To, Then You Do Not Understand Us At All’

Set up in the 90s by Sascha Mario Klein, Neuroticfish became one of the ‘hottest’ formations active during the so-called future-pop years. The albums “No Instruments” (1999) and “Les Chansons Neurotiques” (2002) became real references featuring multiple hits. After the album “Gelb” (2005) Neuroticfish disappeared from the electro-radars to finally get back into business releasing “A Sign Of Life” in 2015. The album got released on Sascha Klein’s own label Non Ordinary Records. The fifth album “Antidoron” has been one of the major releases from late 2018. It still sounds totally Neuroticfish-like mixing harder dance-cuts with slower-melancholic pieces. Sascha Klein has been already assisted by producer Henning Verlage. Here’s what Sascha has to say about the new work. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I just realized your first official album “No Instruments” and the first EP “Music For A Paranormal Life” were released 20 years ago now. What does it evoke to you and how much of this ‘early’ Neuroticfish sound and production do you still recognize in your new work “Antidoron”? Sascha: Yes, It’s 20 years now and as “No Instruments” was more naive and edgy from todays point of view, I still find some little pieces of […]

Pet Shop Boys attacks Donald Trump and Michael Gove in new song ‘Give Stupidity A Chance’

UK’s electropop act Pet Shop Boys has released a new song, “Give Stupidity A Chance”. The song itself is, just like most of their most recent songs, rather dull. However, it gets some extra attention due to the fact it attacks Donald Trump and the British environment secretary Michael Gove. “Give Stupidity A Chance” was released today and has the following lyrics: “We’ve had quite enough of experts and their dealings / Why face the facts when you can just feel the feelings?” The lines are referring to what the British environment secretary said during the Brexit referendum: “People in this country have had enough of experts.” Trump is grilled in the following lines: “Chicks are always up for it / You’ve got to grab whatever you can / We need a leader who knows money means class / With an eye for a peach-perfect piece of ass.” The song is the first of 4 Pet Shop Boys songs from their new EP “Agenda” which will be released this week. Another song will be made available tomorrow, then one on Thursday and finally the fourth on Friday. Three of the songs are satirical while the 4th one is a ‘rather […]

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