The Creptter Children releases new EP

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia from the mind of vocalist/guitarist and fashion model Iballa Chantelle, gothic/industrial hard rock band The Creptter Children has unveiled a new EP, titled Asleep With Your Devil, via Imminence Records. The EP marks the band’s first release with the American label, following the 2010 Possess debut album; the EP’s first track, […]

Illuminatè Steele releases new video single

Avant-garde synthwave musician/producer Illuminatè Steele has released two new music video singles, each showcasing her own unique and funky electronic style. The first video, “A Darker Shade of Heaven” features an onscreen performance from renowned Minnesota burlesque artist Elektra Cute, who Steele comments was “a true joy to work with,” referring to her as “a […]

‘Click Interview’ with No Trust In Dawn: ‘A Reflection Of What We Feel About Living In The 21st Century’

No Trust In dawn has been set up in 2016 by the German duo ‘Soykut Gür’ (Down To Reality) and ‘Rio Black’ (Atomic Neon). They one year later released their official debut album entitled “As We Fall” on Alice In…/Dark Dimensions. From the very first tones and vocals you get the impression awakening somewhere during the 80s while listening to The Cure. No Trust In Dawn doesn’t strive for innovation, but simply compose the music they like. The result is a fully enjoyable work. Singer ‘Rio Black’ give me a bit more details about this promising debut. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I got the feeling that No Trust In Dawn was set up by two friends who were listening to their favorite band, which must be The Cure! How did it really happened? Rio Black: Not Really! We met for the first time during the last year! ….and yes, we are both big Cure-fans, but not only. There are many other bands we like from that time and, which have influenced us! But now we are friends and we make the kind of music we like! (laugh) Q: You both have been previously involved with other bands so […]

Cesium_137 to release ‘Rise To Conquer’, their first studio album in 6 years – available now for ordering

Out on January 19 is the newest studio album by Cesium_137, the duo consisting of Vince Guzzardo and Isaac Glendening. “Rise To Conquer” is the follow-up to the 2012 released “Science And Sound” album and the first sign of studio life in 6 years. On “Rise To Conquer” the duo continues to blend elements of EBM, trance, synth pop and IDM. , the two have set out to create a unique form of emotive electronic dance music. You can order this new album right now from Storming The Base. Here’s the album trailer.

Upcoming Raison d’Être album ‘Alchymeia’ also to be released on vinyl – check the previews, orders available

Out soon via Cyclic Law is the latest album by Swedish dark ambient act Raison d’Être, “Alchymeia”. On this new album Peter Andersson scrutinizes the paths of Carl Gustav Jung’s notions of archetypes and the individuation process. The new album has 4 tracks spread over more than 71 minutes: “Nigredo”, “Albedo”, “Citrinitas” and “Rubedo”. “Alchymeia” is the follow-up of the 2014 album “Mise en Abyme”. This release also marks the first time a Raison d’Être album will be available on vinyl. The vinyl 2LP comes in a gatefold sleeve with matt lamination and is limited to only 200 copies – orders can be placed here. Next to the vinyl, there’s also a CD in 6 panel digisleeve with matt lamination limited to 500 copies – orders can be placed here. You can preview the album below.

Photo Gallery – Gary Numan/Me Not You in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, The 9:30 Club, 12/09/2017

Gary Numan… what else need be said about him? For four decades, he has transcended the trappings of genre and the fickleness of trends to become one of the most profoundly influential artists in modern music. Known for his darkly vibrant and pioneering work in blending cold, cutting electronics with […]

Motorhead guitarist and founder ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke dead at 67 due to pneumonia

Motorhead guitarist and founding member ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke is no more. He died aged 67 due to pneumonia. Clarke was the last original member of the UK based band which formed in the mid 1970s. He passed away in hospital yesterday. The news was confirmed via a statement posted on the band’s official Facebook page. Clarke was working on re-fitting a houseboat, when he met drummer Phil Taylor. Taylor had recently joined Motörhead and introduced Clarke to Lemmy. Clarke left Motörhead in 1982, whilst on tour of the United States, becoming unhappy at the results of the “Iron Fist” album. The recording sessions with the US punk outfit Plasmatics were the final straw. Clarke was replaced by former Thin Lizzy and Wild Horses lead guitarist Brian Robertson after Anvil frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow turned down the offer to play with Motörhead. Clarke would perform a cameo on the later Motörhead album “Live at Brixton Academy”, released in 2003, on which the band featured many guest appearances from other guitarists. Clarke was one of the guests playing on the songs “No Class”, “The Chase Is Better Than the Catch” and “Overkill”.

Unwoman to release seventh album

Dream pop artist Unwoman – a.k.a. Erica Mulkey – has announced her seventh studio album, War Stories, which the classically trained San Francisco based cellist/singer/songwriter describes as “an extremely personal album for me, but in ways that I know will resonate with a lot of other people.” She explains that the tracks draw on a […]

Chris Carter to release first solo album in 17 years

Chris Carter – legendary inventor and pioneer of experimental electronic and industrial music, and founding member of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey – has announced the release of his album Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One. This marks the artist’s first solo release in 17 years, with Carter stating the album’s primary influences to […]

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