Oomph! signs with Napalm Records

One of the primary influential acts of the German Neue Deutsche Härte style, OOMPH! has signed with the prominent metal label Napalm Records, with plans for a new studio album to be released in 2019. “We are extremely happy to have found in Napalm Records a strong and broad partner worldwide,” the band states, further […]

Rabia Sorda announces new double album

The end is near, but it won’t be without a fight! Fronted by Hocico’s Erk Aicrag, Mexican/German Rabia Sorda’s new double album, The World Ends Today is touted as the band’s hardest yet, showcasing the group’s genre-bending wall of sound. Mixed by Nils Lesser (Cypecore), The World Ends Today blends elements of metal, industrial, and […]

Two new limited edition vinyl releases from DIVE

DIVE, the industrial/EBM project of Dirk Ivens is releasing two limited edition albums on vinyl in late spring/early summer 2018, the first of which is a vinyl reissue of the project’s 1995 album Grinding Walls. A collaborative soundtrack with Sigillum S for a film by visual artist Petulia Mattioli – a.k.a. KOMA – Grinding Walls […]

The Cyclic Law label celebrates its 100th release with Visions and Phurpa

Celebrating its 100th release, Cyclic Law presents an exclusive collaboration between label head Frederic Arbour’s long standing project Visions and Russia’s ritual formation, lead by Alexey Tegin, Phurpa. On “Monad” you’ll find a merge of Phurpa’s meditational chants and shamanic percussive elements and Visions’ slow-shifting, multi-layered textural drones. You can listen to a preview of all the tracks below. The album comes as a CD edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel digisleeve and as an LP edition of 200 copies in a standard LP sleeve. Both formats hold 4 tracks with a playing time of just over 40 minutes. You can order both via the label’s website or via Bandcamp.

Metroland – Men In A Frame

Belgium’s very own vintage synth duo Metroland is one of the very few bands that maintain a huge focus on delivering fully conceptual albums, both in art and music. Their loyal and continuously growing fan base already warmly embraced 3 highly appreciated themed albums ‘Mind The Gap’ – 2012, ‘Triadic Ballet’ – 2015 and ‘Things Will Never Sound The Same Again’ – 2016 and a massive 4CD best of box ’12×12′ – 2017.

Today “Men In A Frame”, their brand new studio album, glorifies the 4th concept by the Belgian synthesizer duo: photography.
Faithfull as ever to their well-known typical soundscapes, Metroland this time joined forces with 5 Belgian professional photographers from an art collective called F-8 (pronounced as ‘Faith’). Each one of the F-8 photographers carefully relinquished 2 unique pictures including apt titles. Consequentially, Metroland unleashed their machines to translate these images into their trademark electronics. The result is an almost filmic soundscape, filled with layered sequences and samples of all kinds, standing side-by-side with vintage electronic rhythms, making the whole a truly visual aural experience like never before.
With the ‘Men In A Frame’ album, Metroland presents the illusory first-ever concept of “Pictures To Listen To”. You have to see and hear it to believe it! What you see is what you hear…

Idiot Stare InterView: This Is Not Okay

Finally laying the band to rest following the loss of singer Blayne Alexander with a final album, the surviving members of Los Angeles industrial/rock group Idiot Stare speak with ReGen about the band’s history, life in the L.A. scene, and what is yet to come from their future artistic and musical endeavors.

An InterView with Chad […]

Selofan – Vitrioli

With 4 acclaimed studio albums already under their belt, the Athens-based synth / coldwave duo Selofan announces “Vitrioli”, their fifth and most staggering album yet. A well-known purveyor of allusive, synth-infused coldwave music and the driving force behind the Greek label, Dead Scarlet & Fabrika Rececords, Selofan followed the siren call of the 80’s goth sounds and minimalism, carving out their own spot at the forefront of independent wave music scene.

Across “Vitrioli”s eleven heart-wrenching love songs and odes to the failures and hysterias of the subculture, Selofan brilliantly express the band’s main themes they’ve been exploring since their existence: that there is dark humor in emotional vulnerability, that one can find a way to laugh and cry in the same breath – and get stronger. The sound of “Vitrioli” is intense, inflammatory and sometimes harrowing- the record taps into the depths of madness: chanelling a lover’s call to arms, power of self-awareness and brutal rawness of desperation, love and hate conflict colliding into devastating effects. Famously provocative, Selofan create an unpopulated dramatic realm where sad lovers shapeshift into a destructive, obsessive, ambitious persona with a driven desire.

Muzzy collaborates with Celldweller on new single

As the first single from the U.K. drum & bass artist/producer’s upcoming EP, The Cascade, independent Canadian label Monstercat has released Muzzy’s “New Age.” Available now as an immediate download with all EP pre-orders as well as all major streaming services, the track is a collaboration with Detroit based electro/rock hybrid act Celldweller, with an […]

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