Blutengel – Tränenherz

BLUTENGEL’s vampire pop has grown up.

The enchanting fantasy worlds that the Berlin-based dark dandies are famous for conjuring up have grown a great deal more personal on their new release “Tränenherz”.

Thus sufficiently grounded, the stirring, catchy and pompous electropop epics that dark and sonorous charmer Chris Pohl and his group have penned evolve into deeply moving experiences that are guaranteed to get under your skin.

With an epic production by José Alvarez-Brill (famous for his works for WOLFSHEIM and countless other top acts), BLUTENGEL return to their old virtues while simultaneously making a jump light years ahead in quality on what is easily their most versatile creation. Seldom ever has club-compatible pop music made in Germany been this intense.








01. Tränenherz – Prologue
02. Über den Horizont
03. The Lost Children
04. Save Me
05. Irgendwann
06. The Watcher
07. Ordinary Darkness
08. Reich Mir die Hand
09. Down on My Knees
10. Doomsday
11. Undone
12. The End
13. Das Andere Ich
14. Ein Augenblick
15. Tränenherz – Outro


Record Label

Out of Line

Release date

18th Feb 2011