Spectraliquid says Goodbye (2007-2010)

After three beautiful years full of exceptional record releases, live events, incredible collaborations and an overall artistic activity which has been a major personal accomplishment for all of us involved in Spectraliquid, our magic journey has come to an end.

Due to the rapidly changing socio-economic conditions, the troublesome situation in our country as well as several other issues which would be pointless to explain, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to continue at the same passionate pace as we started.

Therefore, with the fear of breaking our promises to the artists we were commited to release their albums and while having at mind the possibility of being unable to support them and provide a strong platform of exposure for both their releases and themselves, we came to the conclusion that ending the race now is the right choice.

The webshop will remain open until all Spectraliquid releases are sold out. Keep in mind that you might have to hurry, since some releases run on a very limited stock and there will be no reprints. 

Rest assured that the flaming passion that kept us going over the last three years, will now live through our personal works and discography, since new albums, remixes and other contributions by Xsoz, Mobthrow and Subheim are scheduled for release in 2010/2011.

We would personally like to thank all our artists for entrusting us with releasing their music. We would also like to express our gratitude to all of you who got on the ride and trusted us with purchasing our releases, being in one of our live shows, reviewing our material, spinning our music on your radio shows and helping spread the word, while also sending us your warm-hearted messages and kind feedback. Spectraliquid would have been nothing without your priceless help and support. 

Thank you,
Kostas, Angelos, John.

June, 2nd, 2010.