Morbus M. – Forget The Past

In Hands Paper Pack! René Klimaczweski aka Morbus M. presents dark, forceful and threading electronica tracks and in some subtle ways also a very hypnotic and attracting album. On one hand his tracks have an intense atmosphere, on the other hand there is always a groove or a repetitive structure.

Industrial trip hop rhythms and electronica sound design meet electronic soundtrack tradition. Further on media samples, field-recordings and the beat structures generate and build up finally an almost too intense and deep atmosphere. In total “Forget the Past” is an album that breaks the borders of genres and is an emotional trip in the inner apocalypse.


Released on Hands and available June 7th, 2010.

Tracklist :

01 Through a City
02 Don’t forget
03 Backpackbombs
04 Corruption
05 Simple Play
06 The Field
07 Low is faster
08 D.y.n.s
09 Move
10 Like Rats in Cages
11 Checkpoints
12 Forget the Past
13 Between the Things