Bloody Dead and Sexy-An Eye On You

Five years ago, the German band BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY released a State of the Art-Dark Rock-Album named “Narcotic Room”, which incorporated the death rock-elements of the early phase of the band. Combined with the finest songwriting and a very solid production, the very original sound boosted the band into the next millennium.

An Eye on You” Is already the one and only full-length album for all fans of distinct dark and natural rock, no matter if you name the final product gothic, wave, death- or alternative rock. BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY will perform “An Eye on You” for the first time live on the world’s biggest dark music festival – the 19th WGTreffen in Leipzig/Germany.

Released on Alice in… and available May 28th, 2010.


Tracklist :

01 Solemn Times
02 City Ghosts
03 Decent Scent of Poison
04 Reaping Day
05 Song of Truth
06 Three Corners of an Eye, Part I: Lower Right Corner
07 The Fix
08 A Clockwork Symphony
09 Candy Box
10 Saeta
11 Three Corners of an Eye, Part II: Upper Corner
12 The Upper Floor
13 Sunglasses for a Funeral
14 Der Kuss
15 Three Corners of an Eye, Part III: Lower Left Corner