Alter der Ruine – This Is Why We Can not Have Nice Things Ltd 2cd

ProNoize is known for the aggressive sound and Alter der Ruine are not a band to compromise that foundation. Mixing elements of industrial, techno, hardcore, IDM and house, Alter der Ruine have become known for their viscous blending of genres and intense energy.

After 3 albums, 3 EPs, numerous remix appearances and over 100 live shows up to date, Alter der Ruine and ProNoize are ready to show Europe what they can do. America’s flagship in terms of Industrial has finally made it across the Atlantic. “This Is Why We Can not Have Nice Things“ contains their best songs which were only available in USA yet. Merciless, loud, quirky, a bit gaga and refreshingly different. The limited edition includes a bonus CD with mixes from Aesthetic Perfection, Haujobb, Noisuf-X and Assemblage 23. Released on ProNoize and available April 1st, 2010.

Tracklist :

CD 1
1.Pain Killer
2.When Machines Cry
3.Achtung! Bitches ?
4.Elevator Noize
6.Coppin’ it Sweet
7.State of the ruin
8.Morning Sobriety
9.Demon missile
11.Relax and Ride It

CD 2
1.Relax and Ride It (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
2.Coppin’It Sweet (Noisuf-X Remix)
3.State of Ruin (Haujobb Remix)
4.State of Ruin (Assemblage 23 Remix)
06 I Am Watching You (4:52)
07 Hans Dampf (4:20)
08 White Noise (3:32)
09 Fucking Invective (4:32)
10 RAPture [Holy Shit Mix] (3:41)
11 Beatz & Bass (4:25)
12 Effeccctt (4:19)
13 Fire [C64 Tribute] (4:25)
14 Shut Up (4:50)